Interview with Frank Burghout - Artist/Designer from Holland, owner of Voutloos Design

Interview with 100 Kilo Maarten - Hardcore/Gabber DJ & Producer from Holland

Interview with Dr. Macabre - Hardcore/Gabber DJ & Producer from France

Interview with Earblower - Hardcore/Gabber/Speedcore Producer from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Interview with Sangre a.k.a. Acid Enema - Hardcore/Speedcore/Black Metal/Noise Producer from Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Interview with Ben Liebrand - DJ,Producer,Sound Engineer & 3D Artist from Holland, maker of Thunderdome commercials

Interview with Schizoid - Digital Hardcore/Black Metal Producer & Vocalist from Canada, owner of DTrash Records

Interview with Chosen few - Hardcore/Gabber Producer & DJ from Holland, owner of Mokum Records

Interview with Voldo - Hardcore/Speedcore Producer & DJ from Sweden

Interview with DJ Recall - Hardcore Producer & DJ from Sweden, owner of online label Bioforce Productions

Interview with Jan-Georg - Owner of the largest Thunderdome CD Collection