1. Tell us about yourself and your career...


Here's a short run down on what I've been up to my whole life. (I'll wake you up when it's over, snore snore!)

- 1977: Born. I saw Star Wars while I was in the womb.
- 1977-1987: I am obsessed with pop music and Star Wars, 1980's cold war culture, 1980's microcomputer/video game culture, birthing a
digital hardcore generation youth.
- 1987: I hear Guns N Roses and Metallica for the first time and am empowered by what I hear. I start to love all forms of heavy /
angry music.
- 1992-94: I start hearing heavy metal music that incorporates electronic elements. I stop thinking that electronic elements in music are 'stupid' and start to like ambient/underground extreme gabber music and go to my first raves, leaving unsatisfied, thinking that rave music should be more extreme and angry.
- 1996: First band Molotov Children, where I did vocals. I start college for a 3 year program in Computer Programmer/Analyst course at College.
- 1997: 2nd band SPUN, a noise/hardcore punk band where I did vocals.
- 1998: I join TWITCH, a local thrash metal cover band and start work on what eventually becomes SCHIZOID, after hearing ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and loving the combination and culmination of sounds I'd wanted to hear for years. ATR's politics inspire me and I start reading a lot on the world and political science. I become vegetarian in Summer of 1998 and also start up a webpage in the spirit of Adbuster'sish sentiment GENERATION FUCK YOU, which now (2005) has received over half a million hits. GFY serves as a home base temporarily for not only my music, but my ideas about the world.
- 1999: I leave TWITCH to concentrate on SCHIZOID full time. I join up with online crew DTRASH Records. I release my debut SCHIZOID album "Enough is Enough". I graduate from College and enter full time job grown up life employment.
- 2000: Everyone else leaves DTRASH and I sit in the driver's seat of where to take DTRASH. Members of TWITCH and I form DEAD OF WINTER a true black metal style band. I release my second SCHIZOID album "All Things Are Connected".
- 2001: I continue to release electronic music as the head of DTRASH Records and also record material under the names EXIST, and EMERGENCY INSTRUCTIONS. Schizoid begins to play live and we play dozens of shows in the Toronto area.
- 2002: I travel to Europe to meet up with different DTrash artists and meet Alec Empire backstage at a show and discuss the digital hardcore genre. Digital Hardcore Recordings, from Germany signs a distribution arrangement with us putting our pressed CD releases in CD stores across North America. They also release a compilation "Don't Fuck With Us" featuring North American hardcore talent, including 5 songs! from my "All Things..." disc as well as a track from side project EXIST.
- 2003: DTRASH celebrates it's five year anniversary with the release of the "RISING TIDE" Compilaton. I release my third full length SCHIZOID, an album of covers of my favorite heavy metal bands done industrial metal style.
- 2004: I realize material under projects REFUZER VS SCHIZOID and PERMANENT FROST. My band DEAD OF WINTER records it's album to be released in 2005.

- 2005 World domination plans with SCHIZOID and DEAD OF WINTER...


2. When you were a little boy, what did you want to be?

I don't really remember, because it was so long ago. When I was really young I liked Atari 2600 a lot and I liked Star Wars a lot.  Probably Luke Skywalker... (or Darth Vader!)

2.1 Do you have other job besides being a Producer/Label Manager?

I have a full time job during the day as a Software Developer. I don't like having to work, but in the real world you have to pay rent and feed yourself and have money and resources with which to work with in order to be able to do your art/music.

3. How did Dtrash start? What is the concept behind it? And why the name?

DTRASH started in 1998, when it was formed by members of CPUWAR and AK47 (then DJ Rabies). The reasons were to band together and provide means of support and promotion for each other’s bands. This type of music was still relatively unknown at this point, or at least fragmented into different regions. The power of the Internet and cooperation amongst bands helped start something that resembled a “gang”, which all huddled together under the DTRASH name. We changed over the years, and now it’s me (SCHIZOID) in the driver’s seat of DTRASH after finding the original members weren’t into it anymore. I thought that the idea was still as relevant and necessary to the promotion of my band as well as this type of genre, and overall important to the proliferation of the type of themes and ideas that we were putting out there with our music and art and ideas. From what I understand the term originally came out of the late 90’s D-Jungle scene, involving artists like some of the more underground stuff Alec Empire and his European crew were doing stuff like DJ Mowgly and others were attributed to this genre. The D stands for? Data trash, digital trash, deathrock trash, whatever...


3.1. Will D-trash ever leave its free releasing policy?

I don't believe we would ever abandon our mp3 policy for releases. I think that it is been one of the primary attractions to the DTRASH concept and given us invaluable exposure and opportunities. Having said that, I would like DTRASH to be in a situation where we are not "Giving music away free" and losing money to stay in business. I don't mind operating DTRASH and running the servers that hold our mp3 material and incurring a cost, in order to provide high quality extreme electronics to the internet public, I would like to see us covering our costs, whether by Paypal donations, sales of our non-MP3 releases in stores, sales of DTRASH merchandise, however it can happen. Now that I've said that, otherwise we wouldn't want to have to take our releases offline, we
wouldn't want it to be where people couldn't download the DTRASH mp3 catalogue. Feel free to go on our website and download EVERYTHING. Go on Soulseek, I am on there as Schizoid_DTRASH and you can download 1,000's of mp3s. Enjoy our music. If you like what we do though, go to www.digitalhardcore.com -> Store section -> DHR Recommends section -> and buy DTECH01 (Schizoid) DTECH02 (Unitus) or DTECH03 (Rising Tide compilation.) That's all we ask.

3.2. What is the feedback you usually get for D-Trash?

Not too much direct feedback, people usually do their downloading pretty quietly. I wonder if people are hearing the albums, and then search Soulseek and go "Okay yeah they sure are hearing it from how many people have it downloaded". On Soulseek, I get back from the full time work day and see messages sometimes like "You guys rule, you guys are the best digital hardcore label, thanks so much for the free music", and that makes my day to see those types of messages. Otherwise the feedback we get is from the magazines we sent cds to, which usually are quite positive.

3.3. The artwork has Fuck-you/Punk Attitude. Is the goal to shock or to make people think?

Inadvertently it is both for "Fuck you"s and for punk value as well as just this is the type of people we are, as people. We aren't trying to be a "More extreme than thou" for the sake of it, in our real lives we as music listeners are seeking out the most extreme genres of rap, of metal, of punk, the most kinds of crazy genres and music. We listen to music that pushes the boundaries and love that kind of musical input, so inadvertently this type of tone infiltrates our releases. We would not put out music that isn't interesting to us or music that doesn't move us - we hope the "shocking" music yeah we hope it makes people think about the issues at hand, whether it's a shocking reaction politically to a CELEBRITY DEAD album or mentally shocking like as in the psychadelia of an EXIST release. We hope it provokes thought and reactions of every kind.

3.4. Who designs the artwork for all those releases?

A whole whack of different artists have designed the inserts to DTRASH albums. A lot of times it is the producer himself who does the artwork. Our friend Venom8888 aka V>K has done a good number of our inserts, I would consider him our 'Phillip Virus' like how DHR used to use him. I have also designed about half a dozen inserts now at this point.



3.5. DTrash 03, 06, 11, 16 and 17 and some other ones are not available for download. Why?


Here are the reasons for no downloads/mp3:

Dtrash06 and 16 didn't even happen. Both got passed over, by bad planning, it wasn't my fault I didn't run Dtrash at that point.
Dtrash03, 11, 17 - releases by CPUWar. When CPUWar left Dtrash they wanted to think about taking their unreleased material and sending it to high level Digital Hardcore labels to be on a pressed CD release. This never happened (aside from 2 tracks going on DTECH03 from Dtrash17) and the material still remains private in my hands. Search hard enough on Soulseek and you'll find them.
Dtrash40 - unreleased EP by me aka Emergency Instructions. Aklass records in New Zealand ripped us off, and we haven't got the records. It was supposed to be a 4 song E.P. and now it is available for download on dtrashrecords.com and through Soulseek.

4. "Emergency Instructions", what is this all about?

Emergency Instructions was a 4-song breakcore EP I composed in early 2001, with sampling and direction from Brett Petersel who runs Doublethreat Records of NYC/USA. We had met up online and talked about collaborating somehow. I gave him unreleased Schizoid material for his Doublethreat compilation and in the meantime while the compilation was forthcoming we worked on this material. It stayed unreleased for many years until Aklass Records in New Zealand seemed like a suitable candidate for release. That was roughly 2002. Plans for the vinyl 7" EP release were made for 2003 and I personally invested money in getting extra copies for DTRASH's sake. As of January 2005 I have still not received my records. If you'd like to hear this release or ask why it has not be released I would go to www.aklass.com and inquire about it. We have given up on this release and offered it through our dtrashrecords.com site since we do not believe we will ever see these records. What a shame.


4.1. And Exist?

EXIST is a psychodelic digital hardcore band formed by me SCHIZOID and .miq ZYMOTIC/NOCORE. We originally formed EXIST when we started a submission to this compilation - which turned out to be a half an hour long! We continued with shorter 'songs' in the vein of what we were doing and found the interest was there to do a whole album. .miQ would be in town a lot to practice for live SCHIZOID shows so we would collaborate on EXIST songs whenever we could - this quickly led to a 2nd album. EXIST is a good balance between the musical nuances of both me and .miQ, controlled chaos I like to think describes it best. We are planning on a 3rd album one of these days, but we are super busy with everything going on in our lives. There are two new EXIST tracks and our best EXIST tracks ever on the DTECH03 compilation "Rising Tide".


4.2. You have other projects, including a Black Metal band. Usually, despite releases by GabbaTerror (aka The Dark Orchestra) and Legionz ov Hell, people usually don't associate Hardcore/Speedcore and Blackmetal. How did you get involved in it?

I was into heavy metal long long before getting involved in electronic. I thought electronic genre was too 'wussy', too light and weak and dancy and more about being on drugs and being docile. Earache/Relapse Records and their 1990 releases helped introduce electronica/gabber elements into heavy metal and I found I liked this sound and sought out stuff that sounded like it. I found that people could do the electronica sound while still keeping it angry, as angry as it should be. I think sometimes genres like digital hardcore, black metal, industrial, death metal are all one in the same. They are extreme fringe genres that celebrate darkness and diverse interesting sounds from the edge of music. I don't see how fans of electronica could NOT associate heavy metal with speedcore/hardcore they are so similar. When I find elitist fans of either digital hardcore or heavy metal, who won't get into the other, it makes me laugh a lot at such stupid close mindedness.

4.2.1 I am personally a fan of some Black Metal stuff (like Anaal Nathrakh). I think altough there are many Metal/Hardcore (T-1000 by Dano, Palindrome, etc) and Grind/Speedcore (The Berzerker) and even Trashmetal/Digital Hardcore (A.T.R.) crossovers, they are not enough. And few have managed to mix real Black Metal with Speedcore. And this is something I am longing to see for some time. Will Schizoid ever consider such a macabre and powerful mixture?

I think you will really like some of the new DTrash releases coming up. SANGRE's album is basically your description completely "Black metal speedcore". SCHIZOID has always been turning "more metal" and I think you will find the next full length album to have much much more of a 'black metal vs digital hardcore' sound, through me having played in DEAD OF WINTER so much lately. I love the meshing of extreme metal/grind/punk and extreme electronics, that is the whole reason I'm in the genre. I don't care how you 'classify' music I just want to hear the most shocking types of music possible, and I know "black metal" and "digital hardcore" are the two fringes, so any combination of the two is heaven (or hell!) to my ears. CUTTING PINK WITH KNIVES will be a great example of this grindcore vs electronic frame of mind too.


4.3. What are your plans for the future? Any new releases/projects coming up? Any projects for co-ops with other artists in a near future?

It changes by the week.
SCHIZOID: There is 16 songs, 60 minutes of new material that is in various stages of completion. I hope I get to finish it in 2005.
JSCHIZOID (various): I have done cameo vocals to two new songs coming out, one on CTRLER's "Fuck Nirvana", another cameo on a track by Thoracic Disruptor called "Blow Your Brains Out."
DEAD OF WINTER: My black metal band has recorded a 35 minute album that is being released by Profound Lore Records www.profoundlorerecords.com.
EXIST: We are planning on writing a EP to follow up our first two albums.
REFUZER VS SCHIZOID: We have released a EP of 5 minutes/50 songs of material in 2004 that is still pretty recent. We are planning on a follow up to this material, with longer tracks, called "The Rush Hour of Human Misery".
PERMANENT FROST: We are starting work on our 2nd EP of material after releasing our debut EP in Summer 2004.
DTRASH RECORDS: We plan on releasing new albums every month of this year.

4.4. By the time of this interview, D-Trash goes in it's 58th release. That is really something. Are you the only one behind it?

By the time of this interview, we are at our 62th release, and we have DTRASH60-67 all ready to release, it's just a matter of little behind the scene preparation. At this point I am the only one involved in the administration/management/direction of DTrash, besides the artists and their hard work involved in creating the music. We are getting quite a big back catalogue of material under our belts and it will be interesting to see what the entire catalogue is like when we get to DTRASH100. I have all the DTrash releases printed out and before me at my main computer at DTrash HQ and it is quite a sight to see roughly 60 releases there before me of the label I run, very empowering.

4.5. Hansel, Ambassador 21, Contra, Stunt Rock, CPUWAR, Venom8888, yourself and many others make D-Trash what it is. Do you contact people for releases or they contact you? How does it work?

It works a variety of a different ways. Sometimes I have friends in real life I always knew that they would eventually come up with something that would be perfect for DTrash. Sometimes I see bands promoting themselves and I'm interested and check it out and know that I would like their material for DTrash. Bands can also send demos and promotional material to DTrash HQ. There is a lot of stuff sent in on a month to month basis. About 1/5ths is perfect for release. 2/5ths of it is 'ok' but needs more work if it were to be released. And the other 2/5s is stuff we would not consider at all and wonder why they would even send it. Venom8888, Hansel, Stuntrock, A21 all contacted DTrash and we responded. Contra we knew of his material for a while and eventually wrote for him to submit something to us. Cpuwar started DTrash so that's how they came into the picture.

5. What is your favorite D-Trash artist/band?

I couldn't say. There are a lot of different reasons why I like the different bands. I like Schizoid the best because it is the closest to my favoured interpretation of the digital hardcore sound. I like Unitus for how heavy and bleak his music is. I like CPUWar because it reminds me of the glory days of DTrash. I like Ambassador21 because I am so proud of them and seeing them get bigger and bigger in the last couple of years. I like The Phoeron because his CD is the next one out on DTrash and we have conversed a lot about the details of his release and we have hung in person at shows in Toronto. All depends on the day. Some of my favorite releases ever are DTRASH05 Redlevel Terrorism, DTRASH17 CPUWAR "I am the Poison", DTRASH25 EXIST, DTRASH34 F_NOISE, DTRASH42 HANSEL, DTRASH48 THE SHIZIT, DTRASH55 CANDIRU, as well as the DTECH01 02 03 releases.


6. DHC Meinhof are very similar to Atari Teenage Riot, could they be the next generation for that format?

This is a quote direct from DHC MEINHOF on their similarity to ATARI TEENAGE RIOT: "If someone had listened to our first album "Bring Chaos To Order" and it reminded him/her of old-skool digihardcore bands like ATR, then now with the pending new album "Way Of Death" it will be even more noticed. We'd like to be sincere: DHC MEINHOF is not really looking for a new stylistic path for digital hardcore; we prefer to call it by keeping the tradition alive. "Way Of Death" is about the digital hard bass-drum beats mixed with punk or metal guitar riffs. And of course, we still have the same message: we spread anarchist ideas as some solutions for social, political and economical problems..."

6.1. In which other labels have you been releasing your stuff?

Digital Hardcore Recordings has released 5 songs from my Schizoid:All Things Are Connected album onto their North American compilation of digital hardcore called "Don't Fuck with us". I have had compilation tracks released also on INVASION WRECKCHORDS, SEVERED DIGIT RECORDS, IRK MEDIA, RIP THE SYSTEM, UNHOLY RECORDS, DTA RECORDS, AKLASS.

6.2. DTRASH14 - ENSC - Electro Noise Systems Control. This is a PORTUGUESE release! Tell us the story behind it! Most people in Portugal don't know portuguese actually make good underground electronic music...

Daniel ENSC was one of the first generation DTRASHers - I remember spending the summertime of 1999 listening to his original ENSC cassette demo tracks that he'd submitted to the others and loving them. "Commercial District" and "Any Program Has Its Bugs" are both classics, songs I remember when I was first finding out about mp3s altogether. The story behind his release? Nothing too shocking - he had hooked up with us, we released his CD - He's moved onto other types of music, has a project "The Thought Conspiracy' and also has done remixes for SCHIZOID and other projects. I still talk to him occasionally, I think it would be cool to work with him again somehow. Read his Artists page on the www.dtrashrecords.com site to get his full explanation of why he does what he does.

6.3. "D.I.Y. attitude" - what is this all about?

DIY attitude is all about knowing that if you want something done, you have to do it, get it done right, by doing it by yourself.  DTRASH is a living example of the DIY philosophy eschewed into every aspect of what we do. There is no one helping us out or doing us any favours, we have to make a splash ourselves if we want to get this type of music and ideas out to people, with whatever means we have, regardless of whether or not we have the kind of money that major labels have to throw away on artists. Don't sit around and bitch about how music you like isn't being played on the radio or how there isn't any shows. Play and promote and write about the music you like and throw shows in your town and get your friends to play. Don't wait for everyone to catch up to you, spread what you know out there and get other people involved. If you wanna have a scene, then you've got to MAKE a scene - if you don't make a scene... no scene!

7. Does D-trash have a political atittude? If yes, which one?

D-TRASH's music has attitude, and is unintentionally political, but the label does not have a political attitude so to speak. We are open to different kinds of ideas and opinions, although we would not condone racist/homophobic/etc material. Some material is very very strongly political like CELEBRITY DEAD, DHC MEINHOF and SCHIZOID. Other stuff is so unpolitical and just for fun like EXIST or KNAR. Some labels epouse a specific philosophy and then are expected by their fundamentalist fans to follow it 100% to the end of time, and we do not like that approach. Everyone has the right to their own freedom of speech, whether or not we agree with it, that is what freedom is.


8. What do you think of religion and the current increasing religious fundamentalism in USA? And how does Canada respond to it?

I think religion is a parasitic and generally embarrassing cancer on humanity. Religion is a system of political social emotional moral control - While people have to be controlled to a certain extent in society to avoid chaos (Ie. I agree most times with "Thou shall not kill"), that extent is pushed too far by our moral and political leaders. The supernatural aspects of religion's foundations are despicable, I can't believe people out there, grown adults really believe that shit. It's like a Santa Claus-complex for people who are supposed to have outgrown Santa Claus. "If I'm a good boy, then Santa will bring me presents!" People deprive themselves of all of the earthly pleasures which make life worth living, that is all life is, about enjoying these pleasures and enjoying life, while you are still alive and around to enjoy everything and everyone you have in your life. Putting it all off because of the promise of an afterlife is too impractical for me atleast. In the USA oh yeah there is problems with religious fundamentalism, very big problems. I can see it getting as worse if not worse than it was in the 1980's when there were groups like the Moral Majority and the PMRC on a witchhunt to ban music and ban artistic expression. I think this is moreso compounded by the USA "War on Terrorism" - the USA is not just out to capture terrorists, they are looking to expand the definition of terrorists to say, artists who say things that are against the government. Put religious fundamentalism and anti-terroristic-fundamentalism together, and then when you hear someone like Alec Empire or Marilyn Manson, or any black metal bands and watch the fear grow. I think it will only get worse and worse. North America, it's like 70-80% of all people who live here "Believe in a God", let alone European countries where that percentage is higher? I am scared for if I have children and their future, and how free they will be able to lead their lives, considering how much of our freedoms, that anti-terrorism and religious fundamentalism threaten to take away!

9. What is the scene like in Canada? Tell us more about it...

The scene in Canada is deceiving - we are the 2nd biggest country in the world so there is a lot of territory - a lot of territory that includes some of the world's finest digital hardcore producers, but a lot of them are isolated in their own small towns across the country. In Toronto there is a digital hardcore scene which is growing, and for a while in the last year's it's been going really good with lots of great live shows. It's been dying down a bit and a lot of this trendy bullshit music like IDM and lighter techno are getting big and getting more of the attention. Toronto is a really good rave city, but not so music for noise/hardcore musicians, the shows are smaller. There is a lot of Canadian talent online running mp3 or pressed cd labels and we support them. Severed Digit Recordings, Drosstik Records, Rip the System Records.

10. Will D-trash ever organize live events?

DTrash does organize live events whether adding our own artists to bills on North American/European shows, or more locally homegrown shows that take place in Toronto. When Schizoid was playing live regularily there was lots of digital hardcore shows going on in the name of DTrash. In 2001 Ec8or was touring and Schizoid opened in London, Ontario. In 2002 Merzbow, we organized his first ever Toronto show and had a whole whack of local bands opening and that was a big show. Now I am more active in my live black metal band Dead of Winter so Schizoid doesn't play as regularily and I have fallen out of touch with promoting and show throwing. Promotion of live events is hard work, it's hard work to even get 1 person to come out to a show, sometimes I prefer the
making music part of things.

11. What is your relationship with D.H.R. and Alec Empire?

In November 2002 we established a distribution deal with DHR which means that they distribute our pressed CD releases throughout North American region. DHR is like our big brother, and we look up to them for many of their great releases. We talk occasionally and have a good relationship. Alec Empire and DHR have released some great material in the past and we wish them all the luck in the future.

12. Did D-Trash ever had any problem with authorities, RIAA or any burocratic institution? Were you ever censored?

Because of the nature of what we do and who hears it, we have no problems with censorship. We are based out of Canada which is a very liberal country, so there is never problems with morality/political/freedom of expression issues. Canadian national radio station CBC Radio is one of the biggest supporters of DTrash, having had us on multiple times for national broadcasts. We don't operate within the RIAA framework of the music industry so we are not subject to its 'rules'. We have national distribution in North America but that is not RIAA affiliated so we never have a problem with that kind of thing.

13. What do you consider to be your greatest musical creation?

Schizoid - All Things Are Connected (my first pressed CD release, the perfect articulation and realization of all my political and social beliefs put to great digital hardcore music). Various Artists - Rising Tide compilation (the 3rd pressed DTRASH cd release, featuring the two best SCHIZOID songs ever (only available on this compilation!) and featuring a host of great digital hardcore I am proud to be alongside. I personally coordinated the half a year of hell it took to organize this compilation and it was one of the best projects I've ever been involved in.)


14. What stuff do you use to make music?

I use Cool edit pro 1.2 to record and modify the WAV files of vocals, guitars, samples I create. I use Fruity Loops 3.4 to create WAV files of the drum beats, both the "rock drum" sound ones and also the 'electronic" sounding ones. Fruity Loops makes .WAV files and I import WAV files into Sonic Foundry Acid 2.0 and sequence the WAV files into songs. A lot of time I work right within Acid, cutting up and chopping the WAV files of my own created sounds or sampled sounds and mash up the beats accordingly. This is a pretty simplified version of how I write music. Usually when I write songs I start out with the lyrics and get a general idea of the delivery fo the vocals first (like with rap music even tho it's screamed digitalmetal) and then figure out the pace of the guitar riffs, drum beats and color in the lines.

15. The best party/concert you ever played? And the worse?

The best concerts where in 2001 and 2002 when SCHIZOID opened for EC8OR and MERZBOW, since those bands were big influences for me and SCHIZOID. There's another show in Summer 2002 which was great because it was once SCHIZOID was really making a dent in the Toronto scene and people were moshing while we were playing I could really feel the energy from the crowd. Our worst show was in 2001 when we played a show and our equipment wasn't working properly and our backing track of digital hardcore music would not work and we had to abort the show. I felt so embarassed and swore it would never happen again.

16. Any funny/scary story that happened with your fans?

I don't have too many crazy stories from live performances. The fans are there and enjoying it but I don't have any funny antics to share, we are not at the Pantera-level of things where we have people cutting themselves for us or anything fun.

17. What is your favorite style of Hardcore? And outside of Hardcore?
17.1 Favourite Labels? And artists?

I like the 'digital hardcore' style of electronic music. I am open to all types of music I love all types but honestly with electronic music, digital hardcore is the most special to me. Digital hardcore tends to have lyrics/vocals on it and I connect more personally to music that has a voice, instead of instrumental music where the message is said with samples. I am very very much into DIGITAL HARDCORE, AUDIOCHOCOLATE (RIP?), RIP THE SYSTEM, SICK MODE, SEVERED DIGIT, NO ROOM FOR TALENT, MODE OF PROOF, GNASHED, AKLASS. I don't know if people will know who these labels are or not. Outside of electronic, I really like EARACHE Records, and MORIBUND CULT, PROFOUND LORE Records.

17.2 Want to say leave some publicity here for your site/irc channel/whatever?

Go to www.dtrashrecords.com. Go get some hardcore.


18. What has influenced your music so far? Major influences?

Here is all the bands I have been listening to in the past two to three months - all of these in combination help inspire me and my musical state of mind: 1349, 2 Live Crew, A Camp, Abscess, Acheron, Agnostic Front, Alec Empire, Ambassador 21, Anal Cunt, Annihilator, Anthrax, Atari Teenage Riot, Axis of Advance, Babylon Disco, Bananarama, Beastie Boys, Biohazard, Blacklodge, Blut Aus Nord, Bob & Doug McKenzie, Body Count, Bolt Thrower, Brutal Truth, Burzum, Candiru, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Chemlab, Christoph De Babalon, Cobra Killer, Contra, Corey Hart, Cryptic Slaughter, Ctrler, Cutting Pink With Knives, Cypress Hill, D.R.I., Damn 13, Danzig, Dark Funeral, Dark Throne, Darkthrone, David Cross, Dayglo Abortions, Dead Of Winter, Dead World, Debbie Gibson, Deicide, Det Hedense Folk/Abyssic Hate, DHC Meinhof, Dirge/Grift, Discharge, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, DJ Jesus Christ/Not Half, Down, Draugar, Econoline Crush, Elastica, Enapa, Exhumed, Faster Pussycat, Faux Pride, Fetish 69, Fever, Freddy's Favorites, Frost, Funeral Fog, Garbage, Gigglin' Dildas, Girlschool, Go Go's, Godflesh, Goldfinger, Gravediggaz, Guns N' Roses, Gwar, Gwen Stefani, Hanin Elias, Hansel, Hanzel Und Gretel, Henry Rollins, Hulk Hogan, I Am The World Trade Center, Ice-T, Immortal, Impaled Nazarene, Incantation, Infectious Grooves, Jello Biafra, Josie & The Pussycats, Judas Iscariot, Killout Trash, Kreig, Kyuss, L7, Leviathan, Life Of Agony, Liz Phair, Madonna, Magenta Lane, Malformed Earthborn, Marilyn Manson, Mayhem, Megadeth, Metallica, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Ministry, Misery Loves Co., Misfits, Monster Magnet, Morbid Angel, Mortiis, Motley Crue, MotorMark, Napalm Death, Nic Endo, Nikki And The Corvettes, Nirvana, Noam Chomsky, Obituary, Old Funeral, Panic DHH, Pantera, Patric Catani, Pink Floyd, Pitchshifter, Pro Pain, Psycho Realm, Pzycho Bitch, Rabbit Junk, Razor, Red Harvest, Refuzer Vs Schizoid, Roger Waters, Sahara Hotnights, Sangre, Satyricon, Schizoid, Schleprock, Sepultura, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Sick Of It All, Silencer, Skid Row, Slayer, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Stacey Q, Strider, Suffocation, Suicidal Tendencies, Suicide Machines, Superjoint Ritual, Swifty The Avenger, Tales From The Crypt, The Breeders, The Cardigans, The Distillers, The Donnas, The Phoeron, The Shizit, Thorns, Tiffany, Tracii Lords, Triumphator, Tuuli, Venom, Venom8888, Weakling, Woods Of Ypres, Xasthur.

19. What kind of music of you prefer producing? Why?

I like producing all kinds of music. When I started SCHIZOID I believed this to be the ultimate musical expression of my personality and visions - And it is. But I have found that all kinds of musical expresion are great, whether its through SCHIZOID, EXIST, JSCHIZOID, PERMANENT FROST, DEAD OF WINTER or any of my other projects. I like playing in DEAD OF WINTER because it is good practice for my harsh screaming vocals. EXIST I like because of the magic of collaborating with .miQ and the give and take of that relationship. I like PERMANENT FROST because I can work around with weird sample ideas and submit them to EColi/CONTRA and he interprets them in his own way (taking care of the hard part, composing the tracks.) SCHIZOID I like because it is my project my undiluted vision musically of how I wish to express the digital hardcore sound. SCHIZOID means the most to me, because of the range of musical diversity it incorporates, plus it is the most rewarding to complete finished SCHIZOID material since I perform all the musical elements.

20. What do you think of the actual the tracker scene?

I am sorry to say I am not familiar too much with the tracker scene. I know the type of music it is, and I've liked a lot that I've heard, mostly a lot of lo-fi video game-ish type of sounds. I'd like to learn how to play around with tracker programs - I think I need someone to explain it to me so it's not such a difficult thing to undertake.

21. What was the first Hardcore CD you owned?

If we're talking hardcore as in 'hardcore music of any kind' it would be when I bought Metallica - Justice for All in the 80's and got into heavy metal/thrash metal music. If you mean electronica - Someone passed along a promo cassette of Ultraviolence's "Life of Destructor" album. I had not heard electronic music of this style ever and it was refreshing to hear something so extreme that was electronic. Before I thought electronic music was not powerful enough and just like 'dance music' and this helped redefine my perceptions of the genre. Also getting DELTA 9's "Disco Inferno" as well as underground dj mix tapes from DJ CIRILLO, DJ MAX DURANTE, DJ DOMINIK helped get me more into the whole gabber-core genre.

22. Do you collect Thunderdome or any Hardcore series whatsoever?
23. What is your favourite Thunderdome in musical terms?
24. What is your favourite Thunderdome Cover?
25. Did you know a Portuguese Hardcore electronics scene existed before my contact (or visiting www.thunderdome.web.pt)?
26. What do you think of www.thunderdome.web.pt? What is your favourite part of this site? What would add to it? And/or change?

Honestly I am not very familiar with Thunderdome/the gabber scene/the Portuguese gabber scene. I am happy to hear that there is a healthy scene there and wish you all the luck with your cd releases/events, etc. I am open to checking out material - what Thunderdome material do you recommend? I will check out some of your material after conducting this interview. I am just not familiar with a lot of the hardcore/gabber scene, though I like a lot of the material. On the digital hardcore forums and message boards and online we don't come across a lot of more hardcore/gabber oriented people so I don't hear as much about who is who and what they're doing.

27. What do you feel about the current proximity between Hardcore and Industrial/Power Noise?
27.1. Do you think Speedcore/Noisecore/Digital Hardcore as the bad brothers of the Hardcore scene?

I don't really know too much about these different categories and follow them. I follow the digital hardcore genre closely and know the bands and artists but for "hardcore" this means so much to so many different types of people that it is hard to stay on top of who's who. Honestly I am more into digital hardcore because of it's resemblance to the industrial-rock genre, and less into noisecore (Where's the song?) or just lighter techno (Where's the hardcore?) But overall I think that all these types of music share a common element in the extremity of the electronic sounds and that we are all a lot closer in sound and purpose then we realize. A lot of this fragmentation within scenes "ie. Fuck gabber! Noise rules!" "Fuck noise! Speedcore rules!" is besides the point, a record label like DTRASH can sign digital hardcore acts as well as gabber, techno, etc and it's no difference to us. We like good extreme music. There should be no "bad brothers" of the hardcore scene - Hardcore is supposed to be hardcore right? Hardcore shouldn't have to have 'bad brothers' in order to sound heavier, they should make this heaviness themselves. Or else it's not 'hardcore' right? I like cooperating with all kinds of people who make all kinds of extreme electronic music.

28. What is the Future of Hardcore 4 you?

Different people taking a different look at how to make music and defying convention while using fresh and unique ideas to drive the music even more over the top than all who've come before.

29. Do you predict a more commercial era or the return to the underground?


Well look at all rave music. On the one hand it has been co-opted as a lifestyle flavour, something that we created that is sold back to us at twice the price in a Coca cola commercial (ie "Coke understands you, and is down with rave culture"!) No way that is a joke. But then there will always be people who invoke the DIY spirits and take a chance and throw shows, release music and create music. A question like this is comparable to "Is punk dead"? Punk is dead if you want it to be dead. If you let it become dead. If you yourself are a punk and basically dead to the world then punk is dead. Will hardcore electronic music become more commercial? Unlikely, because it is supposed to be 'hardcore' therefore there is that unease that normal people would have listening to it. Is it a problem if hardcore became more popular and sold records, while staying hardcore and not changing sound and compromising? I don't necessarily think so, I would love to have more people around me who understand the types of music I like and want to listen to it too. This is a great segueway into your next question you've asked of me:

29.1. ATR could sucessefull "commercialize" (altough I don't think their music is commercial, on the contraire) Digital Hardcore. What is your opinion on them? Will D.H.R. make commercial softer Digital Hardcore? Will it ever hit the masses?

ATR DID succesfully commercialize digital hardcore, and it was the best thing that anyone has done for the scene in years. ATR signing with Grand Royal, ATR appearing on the major label Spawn Soundtrack gave the scene a lot of visibility and a lot of new members. ATR playing big stadium shows alongside corporate bands, ATR being distributed by Elekra the major label, took digital hardcore to a higher playing field.
For those reasons ATR helped raise the profile of the genre and this was priceless for them to have done. People seem to forget this, when they are on stupid anti Alec Empire rants, about how 'rich' and big of a 'rock star' he is. I would not have got into digital hardcore or the extreme politics related to digital hardcore if I had not been able to find ATR in a commercial music store over here in North America. Don't EVER forget that. I don't know if they plan to make softer music or what they plan, they have been very quiet lately, I hope all new releases are extreme of course.


30. If you met a genie and could have a wish relead to the scene, what would it be?

First off to be selfish, I would love to have a game genie and get all the equipment I need in order to really do what I want to, in a big gear shopping spree.
I would wish more people would be interested in this type of music, buying the cds, coming out to shows. It is fun when your audience is the other bands and DJs you are playing with that night, it is also great when people come out to shows with no motivation except that they want to check out great new music and meet new people.
Give the airwaves back to the people! Not corporate broadcasting monopolies, but real people with GOOD music to play!
Bands who are struggling and working their asses off to get paid should make back what they spend - corporate bands who are pampered and who don't have to spend the time doing their own promo should get bumped downwards a few notches so they remebmer how easy they have it!
More magazines of the industrial/digital hardcore nature! I find there is not a lot of media for this type of electronic music.
If there is it is more 'raver' cutesy cuddly wuddly oriented and not so much speaking to a hardcore/noise crowd. I have found INDUSTRIAL NATION (USA) and TERRORIZER (UK) are both receptiev to the heavier forms of music.

Guys who offer to put compilations together, guys who talk about their labels and do nothing with them should really do it, quit 'talking' and 'planning' and just release the stuff! I swear there are 50 compilations my material is still on that I am waiting for release.

31. Any message to the hardcore/gabber community in general and to the Portuguese in particular?

Keep listening to DTrash Records and enjoy our music. Go to www.dtrashrecords.com. Go get some hardcore.

32. Would you ever consider playing in Lisbon? (I know it is far far away!)

Sorry, I wouldn't consider playing Lisbon unless I had the type of support from a record label or promoter in order to come over there to play. I don't even have money for airfare to cover myself.


Jason Smith (06.02.2005)