1. Tell us a bit more about yourself... something like a personal view rather than just facts and dates.

To start off with, I have been on this plane of existence (earth) for 25 years. I am married and have a child with my wife. I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for the past year and a half, hailing previously from Southern California with a one year stay in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington. As for my views... I don't have much of a political view, so I'll speak a bit about my religious views, or rather, beliefs. I am heavily involved with the contact of spirits. Some people like to call them ghosts. I believe that there are many planes of existence, and to a certain extent, a "heaven" and hell. I have made contact with family members, both of my own family and my wife's, I have contacted both good spirits and demons that would want me to work for them and their master or cause me harm if I refused their offer. There are some spirits that are neither good nor bad, but merely stuck in transition... a purgatory if you will. Some spirits tell me of things to come, some tell me of things past, and some are just there for companionship. I have also been held down, beaten, and cursed by demons. I allow my body to be open to spirits, good or bad. I invite them in. I have a great fascination with the other planes. I don't fear death, because I feel I have an idea of what lies beyond. I don't aim to be a good person, nor a bad person. I prefer to lead a more or less solitary life with little contact except for a select few friends outside of my work. I am somewhat of a morbid person. As a child I didn't smile very much, preferred to not have friends, and stayed up a lot at night wondering how I would die. I was never quite afraid, but I knew about my mortality at a very early age.



2. When you were a little boy, what did you want to be?

When I was young I read an article in a magazine called Scientific American about a neurosurgeon who performed a difficult tumor removal that no other surgeon would bother performing. It was an inspiring article, and while I did not pursue that path, it still gives me reassurance to know that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.

2.1 Do you have other job besise being a Producer/DJ?

Producing the music that I do does not make for good income. Since I began in 1995 up until this point I have made across those years an estimated total of about three thousand dollars U.S. I work for a large wireless carrier here in the states as a data specialist.

3.Now you look back at your old releases, what do you remember?

I remember most of it not being very good. Except for the Widerstand release and the tape on Pandemonic Empire of Arts, most of it I really cringe at listening to.

3.1. Where and when did you start to release stuff?

In 1996 I put together my first demo, entitled "Staring through the eyes of the dead". Being 16 at the time, this demo title was actually a rip off of the same song by Cannibal Corpse. I believe it had 6 tracks. They were very badly produced, but when you are 16, you think anything sounds good.

3.2. Did you ever release in a internet label?

Only once, and this will be the only time I do, or in the future, I will only do it for one label. D-Trash is the only internet label that I think could be taken seriously. Whereas most other internet labels seem to release music that is subpar at best (Ultra Violent Records and other "tracker" groups come to mind), D-Trash actually puts out QUALITY releases for free on the net. J. Schizoid knows what's going on, and puts out great music that doesn't get noticed. It's a shame. Of course there are a few exceptions to the rule (I enjoy quite a few releases off of Severed Digit Recordings, especially the new Producer Snafu release), most internet labels exist to only "release" friends who can't get a real release put out on vinyl or CD.

4. Acid Enema's release in Widerstand Records became very known in the Speedcore scene. Do you have an ideia why? What is the concept behind this record?

I actually still listen to that record on ocassion. At that point I was starting to hit a new plateau when it came to producing, and the death and black metal influence started coming through better than before. In many ways I think it's the hardest record I've ever done. The concept behind Hymns of Hate was my mindset at the time. Heavily Satanic, all out extremity - I just wanted to create dark and evil tracks, something that most DJ's would be afraid to throw in their set in fear of clearing the room at a show. That's what I wanted to create, and for the most part, I think I succeeded. I also was heavily influenced by The Berzerker when creating these tracks, and it shows. I'd probably call that record a blatant rip off attempt that thankfully didn't rip him off in anyway, if just in spirit.

4.1. The Necro-Pedophile EP has a great title... again, is there a concept behind it, or did you just wake up one day and tough "I feel like making violent evil sick music!"?

The Necro-Pedophile EP. This record is one that I actually won't listen to anymore, except for the breaks tracks. I know that a lot of people enjoyed it, but the tracks were all created in 1997, and I hear so many things I did wrong on those tracks. The actual name was a rip off of yet another death metal song, so this was in my early days when I was highly unoriginal with both song titles and record titles.

4.2. Shit! The Movie... interessing title... How limited was this release? (I mean, it is even hard to find it in Soulseek!) Who is Minion?

I still enjoy this seven inch. This was 2 tracks that was breaks and noise oriented on my end, and on Minion's side were two great breakcore tracks. This was limited to 125 copies on red see-through vinyl. 100 regular versions with a regular insert, and 25 special copies with a folding insert and more images and words that were outlandish that were given only to friends. Unless you find someone who is willing to sell you a copy, this record is impossible to get. I only have one copy myself, but if you want I can send you a CDR of it if you wish. Minion started out producing hardcore, but moved into breakcore, and then into more of an IDM sound. His music is excellent, and if you have an open mind outside of hardcore, you would do yourself a great service by seeking out his CD "Depression, Love & Triumph" on Frozen Empire Media. He isn't afraid to throw bits of hardcore into his music either, which is a great touch.

4.3. Did you ever consider passing that King of Deception tape in CD someday?

Since the contract with Pandemonic Empire of Arts for that tape release is now null and void, it is possible, but I don't know who would put a disc like that out. No one has asked anyhow, and these days putting a release out with my own money is not something I'm interested in doing. Nevertheless, it would be good to see it in CD format.

4.4. Acid Enema ended, and you left a goodbye note.... Why did you kill Acid Enema project? Will it return as it was? Why were you so unhappy with the gabber scene back then?

At that point the music I was creating was getting to have such a heavy black metal influence, that when I went to write more music, it eventually turned to full blown black metal. The only part of my music that remained electronic were the drums, which at this point was a drum machine using real drum sounds as opposed to a hardcore set. I started losing interested in the hardcore scene because first off, breakcore came in a huge way - most the people that I knew locally that were into hardcore were now into breakcore, and hardcore became "dumb" or "unintelligent". I felt alienation the likes of which I haven't felt since I was a child. This, and my increasing involvement in the black metal scene, and the fact that hardcore events fell by the wayside here in Southern california and new releases just STOPPED coming out. There was nothing new in hardcore. Nothing interesting... Not even good hardcore PERIOD, whether it was innovative or not. At this point in time Acid Enema may return... it is as much a part of me now as it was then, and I have a lot of pent up hate and anger to unleash...

4.5. Abhorrent?

I have used the name of Abhorrent for quite some time. As the music of Acid Enema grew darker and I put more emotion into it, I felt I could no longer be myself... by choosing the name of abhorrent, I chose an alter ego... another manifestation of myself that deals only with the dark side of my emotions and psyche. When I am "myself" in real life, I am not these things. Like a person with multiple personalities, I use Abhorrent to create music to relieve my hate, depression, and fears that I cannot get rid of easily in the real world without killing myself or someone else in the process.

5. "Acid Enema has ceased to be, at least in this manifestation." Is Sangre the next manifestation of Acid Enema?

The manifestation I was speaking of was actually Acid Enema as a fully black metal entity instead of hardcore. I put out a CD split with a black metal band called Xasthur, a very well known band in the black metal scene. After I had done that split, I finished a few more black metal songs, and then stopped producing music for a period of 2 years. I thought I had done everything I wanted to do, and at the time, my life was going well, and didn't have a need for an emotional outlet. So Acid Enema ended altogether.


5.1 What is Sangre all about...? Since I am Portuguese, I know Sangre means blood in spanish (sangue in portuguese)...

Sangre is extremely personal. There is nothing more important to me now than the blood of my family, sangre de mi familia. It took death to make me realise how important this is.


5.2. "En Memoria" released by Restroom records is a hell of a release... Nice cover (fits 100% to the sound), dark melodies, and a feeling of... saudade! (saudade is a portuguese word that is practically impossible to define in other languages... means both missing someone very much, but along with a feeling of nostalgia, as if the past was in the present, conditioning the future as well). And of course... brutal BPM Speedcore... oldy enough, altough is it a very rough powerfull release, one senses quite depth and tought sorrow in it... more than evil, sorrow... is this true?

I am familiar with what you mean with saudade. There is a similiar word in spanish, though I can't remember the spelling of it. There are two album covers. The Restroom cover I think fits the mood perfectly. I feel very somber looking at it. I did not want anything evil, or dark... I wanted the imagery to be reflective, to make one think about themselves and the people they hold as true. I think the art captured this. The front image are angels climbing up Jacob's ladder to Heaven. This is fitting since I quite enjoy the thought of my grandfather being among his father and grandfather and the rest of our family in whatever he found "Heaven" to be. I didn't plan or create that record so much so that it created itself as it poured out of me. I had no other way to get out my feelings about his passing, except for music. I never intended on making music again until this happened. I had no other outlet.
The D-Trash release are all pictures taken from my grandfather's funeral, and one of him in Hawaii during World War II.

5.2.1. Did you know recently there was quite a buzz in Gabber.org about this release? People loved it and were quite impressed with it. :)

I actually got around to reading. I am very honoured. If anything all I hope is that people can get out of it the emotion that was put into that record.

5.2.2. Why 6.66 euro? :P

I actually had no part in the pricing. That number seems to rear it's head in my life quite a bit though, so why not for the price of my record?

5.3. I talked to Schizoid sometime ago in an interview where he mentioned a new release to come, of both Black Metal and Speedcore... Sangre! I was quite thrilled... and I was not excepting such a brilliant CD! What is the concept behind this release?

It was definitely an privelage to have Schizoid put this out on D-Trash. He knows both the electronic side and the black/death metal side so well, that it was natural to want to go through D-Trash for this. Concept for this release is actually explained in the next question.



5.4. I know you dedicated this release to a special person... and I was quite shocked then, because when my grandmother died, your songs were one of the most played tunes in my iPod... and your album reminds me of my grandmother now... Hard to explain, but I guess what you transmited in your songs was exactly how I felt. And I must say, the best tracks in the album imo are "As In Life, So In Death" and "An Eternity With Bathory". This last one is probably one of the best tracks I've heard in a long time... what a beatiful, powerfull, yet sad and serene melody...

My grandfather was in and out of the hospital for months prior to his passing. 3 years previously, he had a similar crisis with a heart attack. He wasn't expected to live then, but he came through it all. I was hoping this time it would be the same. If I looked up to anyone the most it would be him. He was carefree. When everyone else was down, he would cheer them up. He was never angry, never sad, just always content to sit and talk. I saw him when he was drugged up on painkillers, and while he could hear us, he couldn't respond. I tried to open my mouth, but nothing came out. I left the room not telling him how much he meant to me. He passed away 2 weeks later. It felt like my heart was ripped out of me. It hurt so bad I didn't know what to do. So I sat down, and within one day, vocals and all, "As in life, so in death" was created. It captures what I felt at that exact moment perfectly. I have had one person send me an e-mail that said the same thing as you did. It reminded them of a family member. I'm glad to have helped someone else cope with loss through something I only intended for myself. During the next 5 months after his death I created 4 more tracks all based on him, saying the things I wanted to say to him that day in the hospital. I had nightmares where he would accuse me of not spending enough time with him. I knew it was not him but my own fears doing this. By the time I finished the 5 core tracks, the nightmares have subsided, and while I will forever miss him, I have come to terms with the fact that he is no longer here in flesh, but he still visits from the spirit realm. An Eternity with Bathory is actually a reworking of the same track I had done from 2001. Vocals were from the 2001 recording, everything else was redone. This track was made a few days after my wife and I learned we were going to be parents. My wife is Bathory in this track, since she has a fascination with Theda Bathory.

5.5. What are your favorite tracks, and which ones gave you more trouble to make?

My favorite tracks (or least hated) would be in no following order:
As in Life, So in Death
Creation (Blackened Death mix)
My Dying Breath
Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)
Hurt Me

5.6. Why did you release in D-Trash records?

As I mentioned before, J. Schizoid is very similiar to musical tastes as me. He is both into hardcore/DHC, as well as black and death metal. To release on a label that understands both sides is an honour for me. Plus D-Trash is the only internet label to put out good releases on a consistant basis.

5.7. Who are Destined to Fail and Pyrrhon? :)

Both Destined to Fail and Pyrrhon were myself and Eric Svedas, who also produced solo under the name Defiler. We actually both worked on a 3 song demo under the name name Twilight Abyss that was fully black metal about a year or so back. Destined to Fail was hardcore (Hatebreed, Earth Crisis) mixed with hardcore/speedcore and black and death metal. Very original, and I am to this day saddened that there was never any proper release. Pyrrhon was a digital black metal project that I think was good for it's time. We never did anything further than that one song though.

6. What style do you usually produce?

These days I am more at home doing slower or mid paced hardcore in a black metal fashion without guitars. I try and create somber and melancholy atmospheres more akin to depressive black metal, but through an all electronic format. Lately I have been actually putting together the first semblances of fast and evil speedcore. Since these tracks do not fit under the Sangre format described above, perhaps the Acid Enema name will be resurrected.

6.1. Are you planning on making more mainstream styles of Hardcore? And outside the Hardcore genre?

No plans of this. I don't enjoy those styles, and there are other people that do it better than I ever could.

6.2. What material do you use to make your own music?

I am fully PC based. I use Sonic Foundry Acid 5.0 along with MIDI with effects overlaid for all my synths. I have a very good Shure microphone that my son semi-broke, but this makes my vocals sound harsher now, so I can't be too mad about that.

6.3. What is your major inspiration?

I try NOT to have an inspiration. I only make music when I am depressed. I try to avoid this at all costs, but when it happens, this is when I can create music. Because of this, I don't make music very much. Making music isn't a fun process for me, like it is for other producers. I can't just sit down and start making music. It hasn't worked that way for me for a long time. Creating music is now just a release for depression and anger, nothing more.

7. How is the Hardcore scene like in your country?

I am not sure for the rest of the country, but here in Las Vegas, it is nonexistant. One happy hardcore DJ. No thank you. I do know that just 3 hours south in my old home of Southern California that the hardcore scene is seemingly very healthy and alive.

8. What do you think of Spanish Makina, UK Happycore and Hardstyle?

I am not familiar with Spanish Makina. As for hardstyle, I am not a fan. As for UK Happycore, sad to say, I actually find myself liking a lot of it these days. It reminds me a lot of old school techno, which was very happy when I listen back on old mixtapes.

9. What is your view on recent mainstream Hardcore productions?

It all seems fake to me. it all sounds the same, it has no soul, no feeling. I was never into mainstream hardcore though, so my opinion is the same now as it was 11 years ago.

10. Would you like to release in a major compilation such as Thunderdome, Hellraiser, MOH or Darkcore, or is that irrelevant to you?

I have no interest in any of those labels. I feel right at home on smaller labels. I don't mean to sound elitist, but smaller labels are run by those who obviously have a job, that work to support putting out their releases... this is their PASSION. The above labels have offices, this IS their job. Once music is your only source of income, it loses something. I would never want to live off my music. It takes away it's soul. If I want money, I will get a job, and continue to make music that I want for myself, and myself only.

11. What is the greatest reward you get by making your music?

A few moments of sanity. A weight of emotions lifted off my shoulders. A chance to get through another day without wanting to slaughter anyone who gets in my way. On rare ocassions, getting an e-mail or letter from someone who says that my music helped them in one way or another.

12. What do you consider to be your greatest musical creation? And worse...

Greatest creation is As in Life, so In Death. Worst? A song so bad that I didn't even bother to give it a name before it was promptly deleted.

13. Have you ever sent demos that were rejected? What did people tell you?

I sent out a demo tape in 1997 to Digital Hardcore Recordings. I received a letter back from them 2 months after I had sent it that stated more or less "thanks for the tape, but we are not interested in this style, hope you get the record out somewhere else though". I also sent a demo tape to some label that isn't around these days that e-mailed me back with a "Thanks for making us laugh" message.

14. The best party you ever played? And the worse?

I've played a total of two events. One was a desert event called Steamroller in 1998. Played alongside Minion, The Gabber/Speedkore Militia, and Novokain. That was the best of the two. The other one was at a show I put together here in Las Vegas. The Magus had cancelled out at the last minute and I couldn't find anyone else to fill the spot, so I booked myself, put together a set, and opened to 3 or 4 people. It didn't help that those people sitting there were people who were playing that night, and my wife.

14.1 In which party would you like to play the most?

Fuckparade is the only event I have interest in playing. I do wish they would change the name back to the Hate Parade though.

15. What is your favorite style of Hardcore? And outside of Hardcore?

Favorite style of hardcore these days I find is doomcore. If you have a chance, give a listen to a mix by R-Type called "Unhappy Hardcore". Brilliant dark track selection on that mix. Outside of hardcore my favorite style of music is black metal, though I enjoy more than just that.

16. Favourite Labels? And artists?

Widerstand, Speedcore, Fischkopf, Brutal Chud, Special Forces, D-Trash, Bloody Fist, Ambush, Praxis, SixSixtySix... can't think of anymore at the moment. As far as artists go: The Berzerker, Disciples of Belial, Stickhead/Jack Lucifer, Legionz ov Hell, Scud, Eiterherd, Minion, Lord Lloigor, The Magus, AA.Kurtz, Producer Snafu, Matt Green, The Destroyer...

17. Want to say leave some publicity here for your site/irc channel/whatever?

sangre.gabber.org, though there is not much content to speak of.

18. What are your projects for the future? Any incoming release/site/sideproject? And playing at parties?

Nothing I forsee coming up, unless I get in a fit of depression again. As far as parties... I would like to play sometime this year, but people don't contact me or at least show interest, so it's maybe for the best.

19. Do you think big labels look out for producers in the underground scene?

The only thing they look out for is their bottom line.

20. What was the first Hardcore CD you owned? What did you feel when you first heard it?

More like hardcore mixtape... it was DJ Tron - Fucking Ballistic. It was insane. I was moreso into industrial at the time and really not interested much in the rave scene when that came along and got me wanting to make music as hard or even harder than what he was spinning.

21. Do you collect Thunderdome or any Hardcore series whatsoever?

I don't collect any thunderdome or any series whatsoever. I have better things I would rather spend my money on. But if one enjoys doing so, who am I to say any different?

22. What is your favourite Thunderdome in musical terms?

I never enjoyed anything off Thunderdome.

23. What is your favourite Thunderdome Cover?

I think they all look very cheesy and gimmicky to me. Reminds me of looking at hip hop album covers, but for hardcore sensibilities. I am not a fan of any Thunderdome covers, sorry to say.

24. What do you think of the actual "state of the art"? And the emerging substyle/trends in Gabber?

I gave up trying to figure out sub genres a while back. I am not even much in the scene so much. I feel like I have no time to really delve into what is really going on. In my mind I still feel stuck in 2000 as opposed to 2005.

25. What do you feel about the current proximity between Hardcore and Industrial/Power Noise?

This to me is an excellent mixture, and I welcome the clashing of these styles. It can only make for more interesting song structures.

26. Do you think there should me more interaction between Metal and Hardcore/Speedcore? I personally think Black Metal and Speedcore are styles that blend so well... and it shows a very promissing future... the dark mystic sound of Black Metal, with horrid voices... and the mechanical, powerfull, destructive beats of Speedcore, along with industrial sounds and noises....

It's two of the most extreme forms of music coming together... the buzzsaw sound of a distorted guitar, the harsh screeches or gutteral roars of both black and death metal vocals, with the sheer intensity that a gabber kickdrum provides makes for an intense experience if done correctly. Throw in noise interspersed within this controlled chaos and you have some of the darkest and intense music ever created.

26.1 What do you think of Kenny (The Berzerker)? They kinda mixed Speedcore and Grind/Death Metal...

While I more enjoy The Berzerker's music before the Earache release, it is still inspiring to hear what he does these days. The clean production seems to have taken a bit of the extremity when it comes to the hardcore drums away, but still intense. On a side note (and to put a little bit of wind in my ego, if only for a second) Eiterherd had let me know that Kenny had nothing but good comments regarding my Widerstand release.

26.2 Will we see more Black Metal / Speedcore crossovers in the future?

I don't see why not. Quite a few hardcore heads are into black and death metal and vice versa make for a good start. While it's nice at first to be one of the few who meld the styles into more than just a guitar sample off a Slayer album, it also gives me less to listen to.

26.3 Do you know The Dark Orchestra (Gabbaterror) from USN? They releases melodic Speedcore, in a way, very close to your release...

The few tracks I heard from them had me very impressed, though I think Lord Lloigor was the best at making melodic speedcore. It almost bordered on ethereal trance with speedcore asthetics... very haunting and epic.

27. Do you consider Speedcore and Noisecore, once almost exclusive to a "elite" of underground maniacs, is now much closer to the "main" scene?

No, I don't think so. It will always remain more or less niche. It's hard to fake liking a style of music as abrasive as those two styles.

28. What is the Future of Hardcore 4 you?

I don't know what the future holds for hardcore. I'm not sure if I'm all that concerned with that aspect of things.

29. Do you predict a more commercial era or the return to the underground?

I don't believe so. At least not in the forseeable future. It's a style of music that will forever stay underground. it may come up IN the underground, but probably never break out, which I am more than happy with.

30. If you met a genie and could have a wish relead to the Gabber scene, what would it be?

An event where all my favorite artists past and present played. Jack Lucifer/Stickhead, Disciples of Belial, Nasenbluten, The Berzerker, Novokain, Lord Lloigor, Legionz ov Hell, etc.

31. Did you know a Portuguese scene existed before my contact (or visiting www.thunderdome.web.pt)?

I wasn't aware, but then again, I'm not too in tune with what is going on in my own country, let alone others.

32. What do you think of www.thunderdome.web.pt? What is your favourite part of this site? What would add to it? And change?

The whole site has a wealth of information. That you have that much dedication to Thunderdome is admirable. If you were to add one thing, it would be more interviews.

33. Any message to the hardcore/gabber community in general and to the Portuguese in particular?

Sorry for clogging up the scene with subpar releases.

34. Would you ever consider playing in Lisbon? - we are few, but we make a lot of noise! :P

If the chance ever presented itself, absolutely.

Sangre aka Acid Enema (07.06.2005)



Entrevista em memória da minha avó, Maria da Glória (1926-2005). Descansa em paz. Nunca te esquecerei.