1.Tell us a bit more about yourself... something like a personal view rather than just facts and dates.

I'm 22 years old and my real name is Daniel Jeppsson. I live in Göteborg, Sweden. When I was 14 years old I heard my first hardcore-cd, The Hardsound, the atmosphere in the tracks and the way they were built up was exactly the thing I had looking for! I was hooked in this style and after a while I tried to produce. In 2000 I started to produce more quilty stuff, and sendend away some demos. A few years later I sended some new tracks to So Real Music, they liked my stuff and I got a contract on my first 12",on HSC Records. Then I released 2 other' e.p's and in 2003 I also signed a contract on Fixparty Records. I also bought my mixer and vinyl players in December of 2002, and got my first gig at ambush party, which I and Rageaholic organised. Since then I have played on few parties in Sweden. In 2005 will I start to play live and build my own studio. My first tracks on Fixparty will also be released and you can probably acept an e.p. or more on some other label(s).

2.When you were a little boy, what did you want to be?

I actually wanted to be a bus driver when I was little. Then when I become teenager, that changed to be a webdsigner.


2.1 Do you have other job besise being a Producer/DJ/Label Manager?

Producing music is just an hobby for me. I work on a fulltime work right now. That is what gives me money, so I can live.

3.Now you look back at your old tracker releases, what do you remember?

That they wasn't that good, I mostly released my tracks on my own personal website

3.1. Where did you start to release stuff online? :)

It was on my personal website, then I tried with a lot of diffrent trackergroups, witch I created and taked care of. But none of them were wery good.. so they all "died" in the end. Only the last project "Bioforce" is still left.

3.2. In which online labels have you released music? And how did you get there?

I have released my music at V/a online labels, mostly my owns but also others like Xplizit.com & another swedish trackergroup, which I can't remember the name of right now. I was also member in a german trackergroup: Gabber Army in 1999. I normally contacted them, by sending some mp3's, but sometimes they also asked me to release tracks.

4. How did you get into Hardcore Blasters?

I came in contact with them after the demo I send to them, in july 2002. DJ D didn't liked the style of music I make but he wanted me to help
them with thier website, so I did that and I'm still their webmaster.

4.1. Dou you have a contract to make x tracks a year? Or you are free for your own creativity?

At the moment I got a contract on Fixparty Records [NL]. But they accept me to release tracks on other labels too and release mp3's if I like. So I guess I'm pretty free to do what I wan't with my music.

4.2. What style do you usually produce? Do you produce tracks to please the label, or just because you like to produce?

I only produce the style I like to make. That is why I have so hard to find a label (exept fixparty) to release my stuff on! I have send a lot of demos in the past, mostly they say that the music has good quilty, but they don't like my style.  I make hardcore and artcore, mostly "oldschool" styled hardcore tracks, becouse it's what I like to do!

4.3. Are you planning on making track related to more underground styles of Hardcore?

Not at the moment.


4.4. What material do you use to make your own music?

At this moment I only use a PC and softwares like: Jeskola Buzz, Wavelab and VSTI instruments. But I'm going to start to build on my studio this year! (Starting with the famous Juno 2 Synth!)

4.5. What is your major inspiration?

Listen to other's music, mostly hardcore. But also other music and life experience.

5. How is the scene like in Sweden?

It's wery small! But it starting to exist and getting "bigger" here. Before, in 2001/2000 it almost didn't even exist a scene here, more then a few trackers, here & there. Today we got more parties, and also some other swedish producers in the hardcore scene, like Nyx and Despairfull tomorrow (Mokum). And also in the "harder" styles like speedcore, terror etc. It also comes more parties that have diffrent styles, and hardcore.

7. Why the Recall name?

I have got many names in the past, before I choosed to use this name, I had the name DJ Opticus, but I didn't liked that name. So I "searched" for a better name that no one had and found Recall. I got the idea of the name after the movie "Total Recall". I also thinks that this name fits good on the music I make.

8. What do you think of Spanish Makina, UK Happycore and Hardstyle?

Actually, I haven't heard mutch of Spanish Makina, so I don't know what to say about it. But I don't like Uk or Hardstyle that mutch at all. I'm more in to different kinds of hardcore:darkcore,artcore,mainstream,industrial and techno music, like acid and psy. trance. etc.

9. What is your view on recent mainstream Hardcore productions?

I think that the mainstream hardcore productions are good, I like them, mostly. But one bad thing is that the almost all labels only want to release mainstream and don't want to release other styles like artcore, or something different that what is popular.


10. Looking back at XHR (Xplicit Hardcore Recordings), what is the feeling you get? How did you get into it in the 1st place?

I have always liked Xhr, since I found out about the group in 1998/99. I have known atom!c (owner) over icq/msn in a few years. I have send him a lot of tracks. The first time was back in 1998, I released a "guest track" thier but they delted it after some time.. But The first time they accepted me in the crew was 2002, but then I decide to left. In 2003 I decided to join again because I wanted to release some free tracks there that I can't release on vinyl. And It's also a good way to get comments and feedback of the music.

11. What old tracker labels do you think made history? Would any deserve their music being released to big audiences?

I think that UCP adn AVT-Crew made lot to the scene, they were wery good (at that time) and released  a lot of tracks. But also Xplizit Hardcore Recordings. I think Xplizit should release thier music on vinyls and cd's becouse they mostly release quilty tracks and have recieved good feedback from the audience/visitors/members.

12. What is the greatest reward you get by making your music?

I think it's the records I have released, that is my goal to release it on vinyl so I was werry happy when HSC decided to release my first e.p. (Even if it wasn't that good!). And then when I could join Fixparty, I think that has improved that I make some quility tracks :).

13. What do you consider to be your greatest musical creation? And worse...

I don't really can say just one track, but I like mostly the stuff I make "today", since I getting better & better. The worst tracks was made back in 1998, when I just started to make music. That tracks sounds really bad!

14. Have you ever sent demos that were rejected? What did people tell you?

In the past I've send a lot of demos and I am still doing it just to get more labels interessed into my music. So I have got many demos that were rejected. In the past year, the labels mostly tell me that I'm a good producer, one that makes quality music, but they don't like the style of the music. Sometimes they also tell me that they don't like my melodies and synths I've used.. But the answers I got are just about their taste on music, because I don't make much mainstream! (Not because I don't like it... just because I feel like making other things.)

15. The best party you ever played? And the worse?

I haven't played at many parties so far, but one of the better gigs was "Hardcore Factory". The worst party I ever played on was Trippendicular (last gig!) because I had to cancel my gig thier. It was an outdoor party in the swedish woods and the vinyl playes got broken becouse of rian, so it was fucking boring! Long trip to the party, and then I couldn't play and it rianed all the night!



16. Tell us more about your designer side! Your sites are usually very good...

Tanx, I have been into webdesign since 1999 or something like that. I really enjoy to create webdesigns and have started a own "company" Navigation Design. I don't have many orders, but some here and thier! I also work with webdesigns on my fulltime work so it's jus't not an hobby. For my personal portfolio, check http://www.navigationdesign.com.

17. What is your favorite style of Hardcore? And outside of Hardcore?

I mostly like mainstream hardcore, but also artcore & industrial hardcore! Outside, it's acid and some psy.trance.

18. Favourite Labels? And artists?

H2oh Recordings, Enzyme Records, Bionic Records, Masters Of Hardcore, Thirdmovement.
Omar Santana, almost the hole enzyme-crew, Tha Playah, Dj D, Hellsystem, Angerfist, D-passion and ferox + few more!

19. Want to say/leave some publicity here for your site/irc channel/whatever?

Check out: http://www.djrecall.se, http://www.navigationdesign.com & http://www.bioforce.tk




20.What are the plans future releases?

I hope to release some new tracks on vinyls this year. It's all I can say :) But i can promise you that I will release atleast one own e.p, this year!

21.Do you think big labels look out for producers in the tracker scene?

Not if the producers don't send demos to the labels.

22.What was the first Hardcore CD you owned? What did you feel when you first heard it?

Yeah, it's Thunderdome 17! I liked the way the tracks were build up and the power hardcore music has. That's wy I continued to listen on it.

23.Do you collect Thunderdome or any Hardcore series whatsoever?

I have collected a lot of Thunderdome cd's in the past. But since they stopped selling hardcore cd's (!!!) in swedish shops in 2000 I couldn't collect more. Nowdays I mostly (99%) buy vinyl's since all tracks that are on cd are mostly released on vinyls before. I have got the full collection of Enzyme Records and Bionic Recordings. But I collect vinyls from a lot of labels.

24.What is your favourite Thunderdome in musical terms?

Don't really got a favourite, but I like 16,17 & 18 most.. (Even if I lost that in my collection!!)

25.What is your favourite Thunderdome Cover?

I think it's nr 18. I really like it :)

26.What do you think of the actual "state of the art"? And the emerging substyle/trends in Gabber?

At the moment I think that the hardcore scene is wery good, in Europe. They got a lot of big parties and many great producers. Also we have seen that it comes new producers, witch is good! Another thing I like is that some old labels that have stopped release music, will start again. Two of them are Mokum (that already started) and Cenobite that will release thier first e.p. this month! It's also cool to see that new styles comes up witch don't sound like the mainstream of hardcore.

27.What do you feel about the current proximity between Hardcore and Industrial/Power Noise?

I don't know since I haven't listened to it that much.

27.1. Do you consider Speedcore and Noisecore, once almost exclusive to a "elite" of underground maniacs, is now much closer to the "main" scene?

Since I'm not into that music so mutch I really don't can tell you.

28.What is the Future of Hardcore 4 you?

Release a lot of stuff on vinyls, getting more known! Start to play live (allready had my first live gig). Also building up my own studio, and produce more qualilty tracks. I will also make an important choice, after I have bought my first equipment: Live or DJ. I will choose one of it.. but I allready like to DJ. And also I'll try to turn Bioforce into a real label!

29.Do you predict a more commercial era or the return to the underground?

It doesn't matter that much for me. Since the scene in Sweden is very underground and in the Netherlands it's not, it's hard to say.

30.If you met a genie and could have a wish relead to the Gabber scene, what would it be?

I would have wished that he maked the scene big here in Sweden, like it is in the Netherlands.  And that the police couldn't stop the parties!

31.Did you know a Portuguese scene existed before my contact (or visiting www.thunderdome.web.pt)?

No I really didn't know that, but it's really nice to see that it's starting to be a scene thier, just like in sweden!

32.What do you think of www.thunderdome.web.pt? What is your favourite part of this site? What would add to it? And change?

It's a nice website and it's really great that it is written in english also! The design could have been faster and less scripts that makes it faster. Don't have a favourite part of the site yeath, but the hole site has really good information about thunderdome. You should get a own domain, that would be better and faster also!

33.Any message to the hardcore/gabber community in general and to the Portuguese in particular?

Stay Hard to the Core! Believe in what you want's and think and not the other people say!

34.Would you ever consider playing in Lisbon? - a long way from Sweden (don't forget to bring vodka and blond hotties)!

YEAH! That would be really cool. If you payed the trip, he he!


Daniel Jeppsson (11.01.2005)