1.Tell us a bit more about yourself... something like a personal view rather than just facts and dates.

A personal view... I see trees by the window. How about that for a personal view ?

2.When you were a little boy, what did you want to be?

The usual crap, a werewolf or a vampire.

2.1 Do you have other job besides being a Producer/DJ?

Nope but since i'm giving up i guess i'll have to find some.

3.Now you look back at your old releases, what do you remember?

Did i turned off the gas when i left this morning ?

3.1. Where and when did you start to release stuff?

FNAC Music Dance division, 92-93. The label was part of a small major, when it got bankrupt, the artistic director, Eric Morand started his own label with Laurent Garnier : FCOM

3.2. Did you ever release in a internet label?

Nope, i just did an intro for a dutch group called UCP.

(For all those who want to know, Dr. Macabre made an awesome intro for UCP's 100th Release - It's Only the beginning...)

4. French Connection, Lunatic Asylum, Major Desaster, Negative Burn, Powdered Toastman, Renegade Legion, Sgt Kabukiman, Slut Burger... why all the names?

Why not ? do you think it would have been better if i just called myself "Céline DION" ?

4.1. Which one is your favorite?

Céline DION.

4.2. Under French Connection, you released some major Hardcore hits. Yet, no one can say they are cheesy... What is French Connection song all about?

"It's about a guy with his dog who travels thru the galaxy and just before the shell petrol station, he turns left instead of right and he find himself trapped into a giant tacos called "el gigantigos tacos..." nevermind...

4.2.1. Do you know there is a store called French Connection?

check the yellow page dude. No i don't.

4.3. "Ghost Stories Chapter 1". Yes, I am going to ask about Poltergeist! Probably your most known track. What was you concept behind it (besise being macabre and "ghostly"?)

Making something unusually slow with a fucked up intro that no one would dare to play... I guess I flopped on that one.

4.3.1. Did you ever got sued because of the sample? (eheheh)


4.3.2. I enjoy the "new" version that you put in your site... Poul-tergeist? :P

Celsius from Swizerland made it some years ago. Very nice intro. Much better than the original i think.

4.4. Why Dr. Macabre name? And why Lunatic Asylum name?

Why not Céline DION... ? Damn, I think I should have used this one alone, definitly. You ask a lot of questions dude, are you a cop or something ?

5. Manga Corps...

Yes... you spelled it right. Anything else ?

5.1 You and Manu le Malin really did a good gob with this record. It became a major classic, and it gets played a lot, not only in Hardcore, but Speedcore/Inudstrial arenas... What, in your opinion, made this record so good: the general atmosphere or the use of good samples?

The fact that we didn't called it "My heart will go on" under the name of "Céline DION"

5.2. Are there any new plans for Manga Corps?


5.3. "Techno Sucks Volume 1 and 2" from Lunatic Asylum? Do you really think techno sucks or is there another point behind this release?

Techno sucks yep, there was another point but I forgot it.

5.4. Under Lunatic Asylum you seem do adapt a somewhat more "progressive" (My Beat ; Chaos Effect for ex.) attitute... Right now I am listening to Time Walker track and I must say it rules... Do you try to create an atmosphere, or do you simply go with the flow in creating Lunatic Asylum's tracks?

I do a track and afterward i decide what project suits the track. I never do a track thinking of its final destination.

5.5. Seven is probably one of those tracks that gives you the creeps... a bit different from those I mentioned before in construction and atmosphere... where did you get the samples?

My synths. Juno 106, K2000, some drums.

5.5.1. Does the track have anything to do with the seven deadly sins?

Nope, i was living in a town called "Sète", 7 in french is spelled the same way : Sept. so we called it Seven. Like the movie or the sins.. as you want.

5.6. This is Fucked, was produced in collaboration with Ronald McDonalds... was it hard to work with such a known excentric artist? Did you get a free Happy Meal? Is is true he is a transvesti?

We lost contact long time ago.

5.6.1. This is what people would call typical gabba in 1996 or so... Do you get surprised people like it nowadays?

Are you sure we are talking about the same track ? Do they like it really ?

5.6.2. Appelflap is the deepest Gabber track I have ever heard... now you've won a MTV award, a Grammy and a future cooperation with Mariah Carey and Sharika because of it, how do you feel?... lol

It's pure emotion inside of me
And all I know is I feel, , ,
(Céline DION) ;P

5.6.3. Now seriously (yeah right!), did you get those initial samples from those funny little animal/girlie action farm sites? (yet I must say this track is really original!)

Distortion got the samples from his own "personal" video collection. If you see what I mean.

5.7. Lekker Syndicat - what the hell is this name all about? And the music?

Its about Miro & Tieum laughing at some crappy pets food commercial in germany... "zu lekker" thats what Tieum was saying in loop when we did the track. My dog is doing some lyrics as well.

5.7.1. I am not particulary fond of Lekker Syndicat style... but I think many people, specially in big raves get into it, right?

Space Madness is a great track so i guess there is probably out there some idiots who likes it.

5.8. I am now listening to what I think to be your greatest release: Paranoid Archives Triple CD! Why did you want to make a triple CD release? Something for the fans?

Totally made for collector, it was meant to show the past, the present and the future of the Paranoid Section.

5.8.1. CD1 has the all time tunes... I must say Gates of Hell, and specially Gates of Heaven are really really something else (also on Negative Burn - Crime City 2001 A.D.)... I simple love them from the first day I listened to them astonished! Did you make the samples? And altough the titles are quite obvious, what are the tracks all about?

What do you mean by samples ? I don't do the vocals if its what you mean. they are from interview with a vampire & the thing. AS usual there is not much things to say about the tracks themselves. May be that i was feeling quite isolated and alone in my own world "is there anybody out there, anybody hear me ?" "I haven't been human for 200 years"... suits me pretty well. Will there be more of this kind in the future? (please say yes!)

No idea.

5.8.2. Other 2 tracks I had to mention... Tales of the Darkside and Hiroshima (also on Danse Macabre E.P.)... Did you create all Hiroshima samples and melodies? This is one of the best tunes I have ever heard! Beautiful, but yet dark and nostalgic... It reminds me a bit of a Kubric Video I saw, wich had detonations of H-bombs...

Hiroshima was more like a sound check, its 4 K2000 patches together played in loop on a single key so figure.. i just added some drums and it sounded like a hudge bombing. Together with the japanese theme, it just made me think of hiroshima. Begining is peacefull and then, "big badaboom".

5.8.3. Tales from the Darkside... simple awesome! Where did you get that great voice sample? - "A place that is just as real, but not as brightly lid... a darkside, my Paddawan" - ok, no Paddawan in the sentence!

As it says in the title "tales from the darkside" its an old tv serie. The sample comes from the introduction of the serie.

5.8.4. In which style would you place this tune? Breakcore, Breakbeat, Drum'n'Bass? I like the merging of tendencies... That seems like something very constant in your sound... The CD3 of Paranoid Archives shows exactly that... is it an experimentation using Hardcore?

Yes, music must evolve thru experimentation. The only problem is the more you experiment, the less you reach peoples.

5.8.5. Why does Cubase Sucks?

Cause it crashed on this track. I could only record the track while it was still locked in loop but the sequence itself was lost for ever. it was not even completed.

5.8.6. 1,2,3,4 Blow me at the Loveparade? eheheh...

"you think i'm a clown ? i make you laugh ?.."

5.8.7. There is no track Eleven... I am sorry to say, those samples suck and people use them all the time... lol :P The track is not 0.00, but 2:33... and I bet all people who get it listen to all of it to see if there is something after all!

Good point, I don't think I've been that far on the cd.

5.8.8. "Macabre" was a collaboration with RTC right? What do you think of their recent productions?

Who ? Like always...darkness! Would you like to see a tune of yours in some horror/terror movie?

Yes YES YES !!
P L E A SE !!!! /me cries

5.8.9. The remix of We're gonna Blow your Mind got it right... did you get a free RTC dancer for that?

I only eat 0% fat stuffs.

5.8.10. Pain in CD is just some hellish energy fueled tune... Will you ever produce Speedcore?

Is that speedcore to you ? No i'm not interested into speedstuffs. I'm old, I like it slow. ;P

5.8.11. Your dentist sounds quite funny. You show us your macabre darkside, yet you make funny/uplifting tracks like Me & My Dentist. Is this your "other face"?

Another useless track to fill the gap. I really don't know why we released this one... shame.

5.8.12. What is a Boomstick? :) Great tune... was this done before 2003 and you decided to release it, or was it a new productions?

Yes, boomstick was from 2002 or something. What is a boomstick... guess...

5.8.13. Last, but not least... people say Poltergeist is on of the 5 best Hardcore tracks ever... but I think this is the one they should be talking about: "Dimension Of The Doomed" by Frozen (Miroslav Pajic) + Dr. Macabre! This one if one of the best tracks ever made in any style for me (5th Raider offers a beer)! Brilliant melody, complete caos, darkness, and the feeling of power... Released in tons of compilation and in "Chronique d'une mort annoncée" - Epileptik 31, what is the story behind the track - meaning, samples used, and the co-operation with Miro?

mmm... well not much to say, we wanted to make a track, we did it. Took so many time to have this one released on vinyl, what a waste of time... I'm pretty sure if this was released when we did it in 95, it would have been a big hit.

6. What style do you usually produce nowadays?

I'm working of hiphop right now. I'm going to produce some crappy house music for a dj as well. Nobody can predict what I will do after this.


6.1. Are you planning on making more mainstream styles of Hardcore (maybe a vs with DJ Paul called "Hardcore Heroes 4 Life Rotterdam Gabba")? And outside the Hardcore genre?

See question 6. no i'm not going to do anything into hardcore. especially not in the mainstream whatever they call it...

6.2. What material do you use to make your own music?

Brain, synths, mixer, some FX.. all composed into cubase (I dropped logic audio some weeks ago)

6.3. What is your major inspiration?

My life.

6.4. Your site had to be one of the funniest around... sure, somethings could be an abuse... but I can't complaint! Why did you want it that way?

I was depressed, I needed some attention i guess.

6.5. I got surprised you got hate mail!!!! Do you think our world is getting more and more cinical... or were they right after all?

I wrote most of them, some friends also did a couple. May be there was only one real hate mail. It's better to be hated than ignored.

6.6. Now the Paranoid Archives Site is much more "tidy"... why? :|

Cause I'm a grown man, I need to look serious if I want to score the music industry.

7. How is the Hardcore scene like in your country?

I can't tell. I have my own problems.

6.2. What material do you use to make your own music?

Brain, synths, mixer, some FX.. all composed into cubase (I dropped logic audio some weeks ago)

7.1. Do you get along with Radium, Al core, and all people at Epileptik?

Sometimes yes.

7.1.1 By the way, Bio-Hazard track made with Radium rocks... can we expect more of than in the future?

I don't think so. We never talked about doing something together again.. except fucking underaged girls.

7.2. What do you think Epileptik will bring to Hardcore in the future?

Not much since i left EPK. "AHAHAH" < evilish laugh

6.2. What material do you use to make your own music?

Brain, synths, mixer, some FX.. all composed into cubase (I dropped logic audio some weeks ago)

7.3. I've seen Epileptik grow quite a lot... do you think it is taking a part in letting dutch gabbers know there is a lot of Hardcore production outside Holland?

Dutch gabbers knows there is something else beside the shitty dutchcore, epk is not responsible for letting them know. EPK will eventually take advantage of the current hype on the so called frenchcore. I don't give a fuck.


7.4. Do you think Epileptik is getting too... technoish (so-called "frenchcore")?

"I don't think, i'm a girl..." oops sorry, that what my girl says all the time, may I use it as an answer ?

7.5. You release "Memoires d'Outre-Tombe"... can it be considered a best of?

Nope, its a gig at resident E. My gigs are build this way, all good tracks mixed up with extra drums & sounds.

7.5.1. Does this book "Chateuabriand - Mémoires D'outre Tombe" have anything to do with picking the title?

Not really, i wanted this title, I did the pics in the cemetary as well, I had the whole concept allready in my mind.

7.5.2. Some tracks are speeded up right?


8. What do you think of Spanish Makina, UK Happycore and Hardstyle? (I won't censor it eheh)

I love it, its great, I'm totally hooked by this fresh new styles. sign my up dude ! "fart"

9. What is your view on recent mainstream Hardcore productions?

Some trees out the window i told you...

10. Your releases get a (deserved) place in compilations such as Thunderdome, Megarave, Resident E, Demolition, etc. Is that irrelevant to you?

It's not my goal to be on such compilation. Of course, it's a good way to reach more peoples.

11. What is the greatest reward you get by making your music?

When my wife says my music is wonderfull.

12. What do you consider to be your greatest musical creation? And worse...

greatest : Hitman & Hitman II
Worst : too many to mention.

13. Have you ever sent demos that were rejected in the early years? What did people tell you?

Yes, but they usually don't take the time to tell you why. they just don't reply.


14. The best party you ever played? And the worse?

Too many of each.

14.1 In which party do you like to play the most?

Small, maximum 500 peoples, in clubs. So I can get close to my fans.

14.2. Why the mask? Where did you get it? Where can I get it?

Dunno, its kinda like jason from Friday the 13th. I got it from a friend., you can get one from ebay but hurry up... Ebay auction with a similar mask! (probably a dead link by now)


15. What is your favorite style of Hardcore? And outside of Hardcore?

My fav in hardcore was industrial & slow, is that a style ? And outside, there is too many music I like to name one.

16. Favourite Labels? And artists?

... I feel like skipping this one.. sorry

17. Want to say leave some publicity here for your site/irc channel/whatever?

I want to say hi to my wife and go fuck yourself to some others... they'll recognise themselves. My page will be closed after the domain expires btw so fuck it.



18. What are your projects for the future? Any incoming release/site/sideproject? And playing at parties?

I'm working on a hip hop project right now, as soon as it's release, I will know what I'm gonna do in the future. I also have a soundtrack to do for a documentary.

19. Do you think big labels look out for producers in the underground scene?

Nope. They just want established producers. And even when some try to contact them, they don't reply.. I guess, I'm not good enough.

20. What was the first Hardcore CD you owned? What did you feel when you first heard it?

Can't remember, I think I bought the first rotterdam Records and mescalinum United. It was something beyond any description I could make and btw its not cds.

21. Do you collect Thunderdome or any Hardcore series whatsoever?

Nope. I think you definitly mistaking me for someone else.

21.1. And aside here... I remember back in 1998 (I think), you had some problems with ID&T and Thundermagazine... you even make a remarkable Photoshoped pic out of it... What was this all about?

They booked me for a big event in Belgium, we agreed on the duration of my performance before the show, some guys came up to me during my gig on stage to tell me to fuck off after 20 minutes. I lost my temper on this and started to really hate those guys from ID&T. Later they printed in Thundermagazine that i made a mistake and brought the wrong DAT tape for my gig. Which was a lie of course... I don't give a fuck anymore anyway, this business sucks.

21.2. Your tracks got releases in recent Thunderdomes (1st CD release of Thunderdome after the 2000 silence for example), so I guess all is okay now? Wrong?

I guess I needed to pay the rent.

21.3. What do you think of the renewed Thunderdome concept (more dark, industrial, and finally more variety in sound and artists)?

That's what the market expects. Peoples wants this type of music now. It's nothing but marketing.

22. What is your favourite Thunderdome in musical terms?

What about all this with Thunderdome ? i didn't started to listen hardcore with Thunderdome, I don't even remember having any at home besides the green one made in 2000.

23. What is your favourite Thunderdome Cover?

The one with dj distortion impaled on a 50cm pole... oh that one doesnt exist.. too bad, it would be my favorite.

24. What do you think of the actual "state of the art"? And the emerging substyle/trends in Gabber?

??? No idea, i'm listening to Frank Sinatra nowadays.

25. What do you feel about the current proximity between Hardcore and Industrial/Power Noise (specially the "hybrid" projects like Imminent)?

Ah, finally you are speaking my language... Imminent is great ! That one of the most inspiring music I've heard during the past 5 years. It totally changed my way of making music, Speedy J also made some brilliant industrial tunes that inspired me a lot. Somewhere I wished that hardcore will turn to this type of music but unfortunally, it doesnt come close to it. Hardcore is still made for young immature teens while stuffs like Imminent starvation are grown music. Its totally different.

26. Do you consider Speedcore and Noisecore, once almost exclusive to a "elite" of underground maniacs, is now much closer to the "main" scene?

I don't know, do you seriously think peoples care about this ? They want naked women.

27. Do you predict a more commercial era or the return to the underground?

If I wanted to predict anything, I would call myself "Nostradamus"...

27.1. "after producing a few other hardcore tracks yet to be released, he decides to only focus on his electro-ambient orientation. In 2002, the first long awaited Lunatic Asylum album is finally released. The Hitman is born..." - this is in your site. However, you will not leave the Hardcore scene and stop producing Hardcore right? Tell us more about Hitman!

The Hitman is my baby, its my mature music, its ambient, industrial, trip hop, noise, all mixed together, I could have been used as this in movies soundtrack. Just listen to it and you will understand why I think hardcore is something irrevelant to me.

28. If you met a genie and could have a wish relead to the Gabber scene, what would it be?

"I want beautifull women to bring me all the money in the world" and then I'll say the word gabber in the sentence. :P

29. Spam time! Did you know a Portuguese scene existed before my contact (or visiting www.thunderdome.web.pt)?


30. What do you think of www.thunderdome.web.pt? What is your favourite part of this site? What would add to it? And change?

I want to see more naked bitches !!

31. Any message to the hardcore/gabber community in general and to the Portuguese in particular?

Shave that ass !

32. Would you ever consider playing in Lisbon?

Will you dare to invite me after reading this interview ?


Guillaume Leroux  (19.07.2005)