1.) Tell us a bit more about yourself...

I am Jan-Georg and I am 23 years old. I come from Germany (Saxony) and I have heard Hardcore Style since 1993. In 1993 I bought my first Thunderdome CD and since December 2003 I have collected all publications. My hobbies are bodybuilding and collecting 100% uncut Splatter/Gore DVD´s. My friend and I founded in 2000 a group in that we write our own hardcore magazine. In 2003 I take over the editorial staff alone and i till now I we published 13 magazines. Of course I make hardcore music on my personal computer and a the moment I work at traxx for my third album. I hear all styles of hardcore and I have not only Thunderdome Cd´s (about 600 other Cd´s). I was apprenticed to a company of painters, after that I was a soldier for two years and meanwhile I did other jobs.


2.) Why do you collect Thunderdome? Why Thunderdome?

Why I collect Thunderdome Cd´s? That´s a good quastion! From 1993 till 199 I bought the normal albums here in germany. In the Internet I found a lot of collectors and so thought, you must get all Cd´s, that are missing in my collection. But believe me, I spent a lot of time and money with this collection.

3.) How many Thunderdome Cd´s do you have?

At the moment I have 132 different Thunderdome Cd´s (04.12.2004) and that are only originals.

4.) Do you consider yourself the world´s largest Thunderdome CD collector? Do you know others who have as much or more than yourself?

Maybe I am the world´s largest collector but I can be caught up. I know nobody who has so much Cd´s than I. I Know collectors that have only copies or they would wish themselves that they have as much Cd´s than I.

5.) What was your cheapest or most expensive Thunderdome CD?

The most expensive Thunderdome Cd was the Thunderdome 10 Megamix CD for about 205 €, I paid 1.300 € for 17 different Thunderdome Cd´s:

Thunderdome 1 (1CD Edition)
Thunderdome 1 Dureco
Thunderdome 1 Total Recall
Thunderdome 4 Dureco
Thunderdome 4 F**king Megamix
Thunderdome 2 French Edition
Thunderdome 9 Megamixes
Thunderdome 10 Megamixes
Thunderdome 11 The Single
Thunderdome 12 Megamixes
Thunderdome Entrance Ticket´96
Thunderdome PCP Special
Thunderdome American Edition
Thunderdome 17 Megamixes
Thunderdome School Edition 97/98
Thunderdome School Edition 98/99
Thunderdome 98 Single

6.) How much did you pay for your whole collection?

I think I have paid about. 2.500 € till 3.000 € and I would not sell for less than 2.200 €.

7.) Is there any funny story on your CD cruzade?

At the moment nothing comes to my mind!

8.) Okay, we understand the different versions and special editions...but why the same Cd´s with only different small datails or just serial numbers? It´s not really that important for collection...or ist it for fun?

The traxx are always the same. Only the catalogue number, EAN, colours ot other small things are different. But nevertheless they are all different. I collect them at this way as I maybe want to be the number one of all collectors.

9.) What is your favourite Thunderdome Cd in musical terms? And favourite Thunderdome period/era?

For me the Thunderdome number 17/Hardcore Rules the World has the best musical terms and the best period was at the time when the Thunderdome number 5 were published- best Oldschool.

10.) What is your favourite Thunderdome Cover?

My favourite covers are such like the covers of the Thunderdome 17, Best of 98 and Hardcore rules the Wolrd.

11.) What do you think of the current evolution of Thunderdome Covers? And music?

The serie of Thunderdome ist the biggest, most powerful and the best known. First they were a small and unkown compilation but they grow and grow and a lot of the publications became commercial. Now a days the scene become smaller but everything has highs and depressions.

12.) Do you like other Gabber compilations? Which ones?

Of course I hear or buy other Hardcore Cd´s. I have about 600 with other styles. I like for example the Terrordrome or Resident E series. Main thing it´s best hardcore.

13.) If you met a genie and could have a wish related to the Gabber scene, what would it be?

At no time I think about it. But I want that Gabber Scene will never die and that there would be more big and crazy parties.

14.) Do you think there is speculation around Thunderdome series in Ebay? Tell us mor about it!

Ebay is the number one on the market. And for collectors it´s the paradise. Buy or sell. If you work with Ebay you can be very successful.

15.) Which Thunderdome do you consider really rare!

The rarest Thunderdome I know is the Thunderdome 10 Megamix Maxi-CD.

16.) Any advise to people starting to collect Thunderdome?

My advise: You must know what you want. If you collect ta the way I di need a lot of time, money and patience. But you should be careful it can become pathological.

17.) Have you ever been to a hardcore Rave? To Thunderdome?

Once I was in the Netherlands to the Mysteryland´99 Indoor/Utrecht (Thunderdome Area), once a was to Resident E and I was a lot of parties in my surrounding.

18.) What do you say to people that claim Thunderdome as commercial shit or mainstream-money-oriented compilation?

Some like it and some not. But I would not say that Thunderdome is commercial as there were a lot of people who heard Hardcore only for a short time. So it became involuntary commercial and earned/maybe earn a lot of money.

19.) Do you think Thunderdome plays an omportant role in the hardcore history? Why?

Everybody know. ID&T/Thunderdome and I think there would be no or only a little hardcore scene without it.

20.) How is the scene in your country?

It´s different to the Netherlands. Here in Germany all styles are played, the sound is harder, the mood ist better and there ist more tolerance. But in my surrounding we like more the underground parties.

21.) Did you know a Portuguese scene existed before meeting (www.thunderdome.web.pt)?

I must admit: Not really!

22.) What do you think of www.thunderdome.web.pt? What is your favourite part of this site? What would add to it?

The whole website is very interesing above all for collectors like me. The most interesting at this website are of course the information about the Cd´s and the connections. What would I add? At the moment I have no idea!

23.) Any message to the hardcore/gabber community in general and to the Portuguese in particular?

Hardcore will never die! Everybody should do what he want and you should tolerate something! Not against each other but for each other! Thank you!

Jan-Georg (04.12.2004)