1.Tell us a bit more about yourself... I guess you need no introduction, but just something about yourself and your career.

Well everyone know’s me under my name Chosen Few or Francois Prijt, In the year 1987 I started expirimenting on the commodore 64 and went on and on and found my way into the world called hacking & phreakin’ =) after some years I wanted to make music on the c64 because I liked some tunes I heard from some musical artist on that machine and was very impressed, I tried and tried and finaly after composing with 0 and 1 ones I became better and better and even landed in some top 10’s in that scene =) after that the amiga 500 came and a world went open with samples and made hip hop for some local friends which sounded very great, a guy asked me to go to a house party after some time (I hated that sound) haha, and after a while I went to a big party and saw how easy it was to make house music and this was around 90/91 I think, I made a lot of demo’s and sended them out to many many record company’s, after 1000000 million demo’s I wanted to look for something else to do, but then came a call from Fred Berkhout (label manager from Mokum/Go Bang/ESP etc.), he asked me to make a e.p. that was harder than the rotterdam sound at that time, and finally it happened : MOK#3 =). And now I am still around =).

2.When you were a little boy, what did you want to be?

Hmmz dunno, let’s call it memory loss haha.

2.1 Do you have other job besise being a Producer/DJ/Label Manager?

No not at this time (I am searching though) I do a lot of things for mokum records (searching for new talents).

3.Now you look back to those old Mokum releases, what do you remember?

A wicked and great and busy time.. I think we can write a book about that haha.

3.1. Can you sell/get me a Mokum 21 cup? :)

I have only 1 left haha and it’s used and abused a lot =) so I am sorry.

3.2. Rarest Mokum Release?

Mok 21? Haha.

4. "Name of the DJ", was is the story/meaning behind the music? In your opinion, why did it became such a hit?

Quite simpel, I had all the samples in my head (I make music in my head, even when lying in bed) and the only thing I had to do was to put it into my sequencer (cubase), after I finisched the track in 4 hours I put 5 hours in the melody to make it sound cool I was ready to record it to a DAT tape and I did something on my mixer which they call a ‘midsweep’ =) and I recorded the bassdrum life with the track to the tape and it was ready.

4.1. And about Cold Dayz? Are you a Enya fan? (Exile is great song, really)

I heard the first song of Enya in a movie (don’t remember the name) and I was sold, I searched for this artist and bought all the ceedee’s at that time and found the sample which I used.

4.2. Why the "Mokum" name? Who designed the logo?

The name Mokum came up like a response to the rotterdam records label, (mokum is the old name which stands for Amsterdam), a guy from Boudisque designed the label if I am right (which went bankrupt).

4.3. The return of Mokum was something people expected for years! Now it has returned, what is your goal? Plans for the future?

The only real goal of Mokum Records is : REAL HARDCORE LIKE IT WAS!

4.4. Will Fukem return with some harsh fast Hardcore? Ever talked with Dano about this?

I think Fukem will be back, but first we want to get the Mokum label stand 1000% strong on it’s feet. Then we will look what we are going to do, but it will be back =).

4.5. Where did you find Mok100 creator - Despairfull Tomorrow?

I found him trough Mirc (Internet Relay Network – chatrooms for people who don’t know this), we talked about music and he told me he made music also, so I asked him to send some of his tracks. And you heard what happened =).

5. Mokum Fucking Hardcore CDs! Will they return?

YES! Freddie B (that how we call the label manager) is allready compiling a cd!

6. Amsterdam or Rotterdam? :D

What… I don’t saw your question… haha. No I don’t have anything to do with this strange “fight”, I can play in rotterdam and amsterdam, I got friends all over the planet =).

6.1. "Special Limited Ajax Edition" - hum, this is a collectors item. I presume you as Ajax fan. What do you think of Portuguese soccer?

I like all soccer, but it has to be a great match =), not that boring plays where every soccer player is walking like a grandma haha.

6.2. "Chosen Few - Name Of The DJ (The Nystagmus 2004 Remixes)". Ok, Nystagmus? Who needs an ophthalmologist? Why this name?

Haha did you look for that name? I used it just for fun :P so people had to look it up haha, the meaning I found was “Nystagmus is an eye condition characterised by rapid, jerky eye movements. It is a symptom which should always be investigated by a specialist as it can be a result of other disorders.” =). I see many gabbers doing that haha.

6.3. "Things really started roling when Theo Nabuurs (Mental Theo) picked two early Mokum release #1 and #3 (by Vitamin and Chosen Few) for the first ever all-harcore compilation Thunderdome" - Do I spend too much time on Discogs.com or is this true?

It’s a bit true, but as you can see from the beginning of this interview that Mokum was an anwser to Rotterdam Records, I see it as a beginning of a big label =).

7. How did you decide to bring Mokum back to life?

Hard one… I was looking where I could put out my tracks, but I was not satisfied by other labels, mainly because of the new style sound (which I made 1 on megarave) just to look if it worked, but I am not a big fan of newstyle. I got a lot of contact again with Freddie B, and he told me that he wanted to do the Mokum label again and I had allready a lot of new tracks from different artists and brought it to Freddie B and still doing that and we look for the best tracks to release.

8. What do you think of Spanish Makina, UK Happycore and Hardstyle? (I won't censor it eheh)

fucking aaaarg @#$@ lalala boink boink… i dont dig da sound of those well borin plop spanish makina, and uk appycore. I like to listen to hardstyle sometimes.

9. What is your view on recent mainstream Hardcore productions? Can Mokum be considered mainstream Hardcore nowadays?

I like some productions but there are too many newstyle tracks who sound all the same, Mokum is and will always be a label who try to do the opposite and be original.

10. Will there ever be Mokum raves? Like Hellraiser, Thunderdome, MOH?

I don’t know, there will be a Mokum tour this year, but it will always be underground which I know off.

11. When one hears Mokum102, it clearly shows the old Mokum style repacked into the 3rd Millenium. Can we expect more of this kind of sound? Will there be room for Speedcore/Noisecore and Industrial stuff?

Maybey on fukem when it will be back =). But if there is any great old sound with new influences we like to do that again.

12.Now you are a sucessfull DJ and a Producer, what is the greatest reward you get?

Goosebumps when I see everyone going crazy on my tracks =).

13. You are a mark in the scene. What do you consider to be your greatest musical creation?

Name of the dj, still trying to make a track like that, but it damn hard to make it.

14.What stuff do you use to make music?

A lot of stuff, but mainly plugins nowadays and cubase and fruityloops, the sounds come from almost everything (tape, dvd, video, microphone, records etc.)

15.The best party you ever played? And the worse?

Hmmz, there are so many, but I think in Australia which was so great and magic mountain (switzerland on a snow mountain). The worst party.. I probally don’t remember that (I drunk a lot, but I am clean for 2 years now =)).

16.Any funny/scary story that happened with your fans?

Not any scary, but which I found funny was that I saw some people in the years with ‘chosen few’ tattoo’s !! =).

17.What is your favorite style of Hardcore? And outside of Hardcore?

Hardcore like they used to make (predator,ruffneck,knor etc.) and beside hardcore I listen to almost everything (when the radio is on). But mostly hardcore rap.

17.1 Favourite Labels? And artists?

Ruffneck, knor, mokum, enzyme, pendeho, rotterdam rec and many more. I think almost every artist is good if they make good music.

17.2 Want to say leave some publicity here for your site/irc channel/whatever?

Oke, check out http://www.mokumrecords.com and http://www.djchosenfew.com. And the irc channel is #chosenfew irc.xs4all.nl (not for all country’s I think).

18.What has influenced your music so far? Major influence?

Hip hop/Rap =).

19.What kind of music fo you prefer producing? Why?

Hardcore between 160 and 190 bpm, it has some sort of great musical power and you can still dance on it.

20.What are the plans future releases?

Many many records, I think you better look that up at the Mokum site.

21.Does Mokum look out for producers in the tracker scene?

I always say ‘If the music sounds great it is good!’ so yes why not.

22.What was the first Hardcore CD you owned?

I think it was the first thunderdome.

23.Do you collect Thunderdome or any Hardcore series whatsoever?

No, some time’s I get some compilation cd’s but I don’t really collect them. (I collect a lot of dust haha).

24.What is your favourite Thunderdome in musical terms?

Wow what a question… there are sooo many Thunderdome’s, I don’t even know how many cd’s there are from Thunderdome.

25.What is your favourite Thunderdome Cover?

I like those black carton box from thunderdome 2001 , I have that one here (it’s from my girlfriend Brigitte =)).

26.What do you think of the actual "state of the art"? And the emerging substyle/trends in Gabber?

I don’t like those brands like lonsdale and so on because people are acting wrong and different with those clothes. In holland I see more and more australian and nike’s again nowadays =).

27.What do you feel about the current proximity between Hardcore and Industrial/Power Noise?

I like it both =).

27.1. Do you consider Speedcore and Noisecore, once almost exclusive to a "elite" of underground maniacs, is now much closer to the "main" scene? Do you think people will ever get used to 700 bpm stuff? Or will these styles be a "forever underground"?

I think it will remain underground, I think it’s to fast for my feet haha, but there are some good producers around for that style of core! (akira,drokz,pendeho rec, tieum, dj the producer ect.)

28.What is the Future of Hardcore 4 you?

I hope it will be underground like it was, and not that commercial like some people want it to be, only to get money (I hate those people).

29.Do you predict a more commercial era or the return to the underground?

See question 28 =)

30.If you met a genie and could have a wish relead to the Gabber scene, what would it be?

Turn the scene back how it was like in ’92 till ’95 =) (but with my girlfriend!).

31.Did you know a Portuguese scene existed before my contact (or visiting www.thunderdome.web.pt)?

I know hardcore and gabber is world wide =) but I did not know if there was a Portuguese scene, I know some people from Portugal go to party’s around Europe =).

32.What do you think of www.thunderdome.web.pt? What is your favourite part of this site? What would add to it? And change?

I like the site a lot =) it looks very cool =) I don’t know what to change, it just looks very good =).



33.Any message to the hardcore/gabber community in general and to the Portuguese in particular?

Keep the hardcore alive and kicking!! =)

34.Would you ever consider playing in Lisbon? - we are not many, but we make a lot of noise!

I love noise =) I would like to play in Lisbon once for sure =) I always like to see a different country!


Francois Prijt (22.01.2005)