1.Tell us a bit more about yourself... something like a personal view rather than just facts and dates.

Well I am Maarten van Leeuwen also known as 100 Kilo Maarten. I am dj-ing for over 13 years now, and still loving it! I play a very industrial hardcore but also techno kind of style. This is something I always have played. I think I just love the hard and rough noises instead of those happy melodies! In private I listen to a lot of other styles of music. I am a real music fan, so if music sounds good to me I listen to it.

I am 25 years old, got a girlfriend named Kim, 2 cats, a house and a car…

2.When you were a little boy, what did you want to be?

A year older than I was then?!

2.1 Do you have other job beside being a Producer/DJ?

I have studied for Accountant, but I have quit the study because I did not have enough time to do something else such as music. But I work now as an accountant, but do not have the title for it.

2.2. Is it easy to conciliate both?

No. My work as accountant takes a lot of time. I work 40 hours a week, and have to travel 2 hours each day. Besides this job, I also do the financial side for the label ProArtistManagement. This takes 2 or 3 evenings a week. Besides that I sometimes have a performance and make music. So you can say I am quite a busy man! But I like what I do, so that makes it a lot easier.

3. Where and when did you start to release stuff?
I make music for a couple of years now. Nothing of that period is released, because it was just not good enough. Last year I met Deimos, and we start making music together. This resulted in our first track “Impartialism”. A friend of ours, Martijn Mobron, just started ProArtistManagement(PAM), and he liked our track. So it was then we decided to release the track at PAM. As I organise parties under the name Industrial Shock, I got my own label at PAM called Industrial Shock. The first release is now available, and contain tracks of Deimos and 100 Kilo Maarten and another new producer called Sidephex.


3.1. Did you ever release in a internet label?

No. I don’t.

3.2. Thunderdome 2nd Gen Part 1 Malice To Society was your first release in a Thunderdome compilation! Were you thrilled about it?

Yes, it was very cool! I was really surprised that our track got on it! Thunderdome is a real legend, so I was very pleased when I heard our track got on it! It is some kind of dream coming true!

3.3. Will you get another track in a future Thunderdome?

I hope so! But I don’t now if there will come A Thunderdome compilation soon, but when it is, I will do my very best to be on it!
Update: The next Thunderdome will be in stores the 11th of November, and I will have 1 track on it; 100 kilo Maarten – Common Noise!!!


4. Why 100 Kilo Maarten?

Hehe…sometimes it is 104 or 105 kilo. It depends on what I have eaten that day ;) !! No, a couple of years ago I was drinking some beer with my brother and in Holland we have a female dj called 100% Isis. We were a bit joking about that and suddenly we came up with 100 Kilo Maarten, because I have a little belly but I am almost 2 meter so then your weight is greater as usually. Any way, that name also got another meaning. As you can reed on the PAM website (www.pam.dj): 100 Kilo Maarten is the fattest DJ there is. No, we are not talking about his weight, but about his techno and industrial orientated musicstyle. So I really liked the name, and I got a lot of questions about it!!

4.1. Do you use other artist names?

Besides 100 Kilo Maarten I now don’t use other names.

4.2. DJ ACCT?

It is a shortcut of Accountant…when I quite my occupation, I also quite this name…so I don’t use it anymore.

5. Live...

5.1 You got to play in many known raves: Thunderdome, Hellbound, Nature One, etc etc... but how? How did you get to play in these raves?

Well, it is a bit luck, and I was in the right place at the right time! I have played at some parties and the guys how organise these raves heared my set and style, and they were very enthusiast. I got in touch with them, and so they have arranged the performances there. So I do know the guys who organise that raves, but they would not have let me perform there if I was not good enough.

5.1.1. Until sometime ago no one knew you in the Hardcore Scene, yet you could play in big raves and get your tracks released in mainstream albums: many artists with years of great music-making have not achieved that... do you have a friend in ID&T? ehehehe...

As I said here above; I was lucky to meet the right people. But they only book artists which fit in the style of the rave, and not because you are a friend or something. And my style fits in the style of Thunderdome the last couple of years, so that’s why I has been involved with it!

5.2. You have been involved with the Thunderdome project a lot: Thunderdome rave, releases, radio, Nature One Thunderdome area. Do you like Thunderdome a lot?

Thunderdome is an all-time legend for the hardcore scene. It is the oldest hardcore concept ever. And that’s why I have much respect for it, and like it! Also because Thunderdome has always been creative with new styles and stuff…That’s the main thing why it did survive.

5.2.1. Do you think ID&T will bring Thunderdome radio back? I mean, MOH radio and Hype.FM are a success!

No, ID&T has recently sold SLAM FM! To an investment company which has brought Radio538 in Holland. That’s now the biggest and commercial radio station in Holland. So an hardcore program on an commercial station? I don’t think so!

5.2.2. Tells us more about ID&T Thunderdome Radio... you get there and play tracks... digital? analog? You bring your own stuff? Do you choose your own records (like, if you wanted you could play a 600 bpm track... or one of my tracks? :P )

Heheh, I have played a couple of times in the show, and mostly I play the real good analog 12 inches. But the newest records I play from cd. When you play on the show you can do whatever you want. If you wanna play some hiphop, be sure it is hardcore! That’s what Thunderdome is all about!

5.3. How did playing in these huge events changed you life or view of music?

Well, it was really cool to play at these events, but it did not changed my view of music. I have always played this style. It changed my life in the way I got more bookings! Hehe But it really was some sort of a milestone I have reached.

5.4. In which event would you love to play the most in the future?

Some very underground event in a real dark and rough place, with a crowd totally mad, very loud soundsystem and minimal light! I think that would be awesome! But an foreign event would also be very cool! As long as the crowd is really there for the music, not for something else…

5.5. What is the best rave you ever attended as a listener?

Whow…well as a listener, I enjoy techno the most on a rave. The groove of that style really gets me sometimes. In that way I think it would be Nature One and Awakenings.

6. What style do you usually produce nowadays?

I have very less time to produce music, so when I am in the studio I try to make some heavy industrial noises with some techno feeling in it.

6.1. Are you planning on making more mainstream styles of Hardcore or underground stuff?

Mainstream is not really my style. I like a lot of those records, but I often play them. I enjoy more underground stuff.

6.2. And outside the Hardcore genre?

Techno and drum ´n bass with very loud basslines really inspires me, so that would be an option!

6.2. What material do you use to make your own music? And to DJ?

For dj-ing I have 2 sl-1200´s and a very old Numark mixer. In my studio I have some synths(Alesis Micron, NordRack 1, Juno 2, ASR-10), drumcomputers(TR-707, Jomox Airbase99), effects(Sherman filterbank 2, midiverb 4, M-one, Composer pro, alesis bitrman, Boss distortion) and 2 mixers(Soundcraft Ghost and Behringer mx-2004a). I use Cubase SX 2 to make my music with. The last half year I got really in to the softsynths and other vst plug-inns. These are really cool and effective in use! It works a lot quicker, and gives you more freedom in the edits in a track. I think the best way to produce nowadays, is a combination of hard- and software. And most producers use it like this.

6.3. What is your major inspiration?

Music is my inspiration, and the thing music can do with a person. When I listen to a record, all styles, I get a sort of feeling with it. So when I am dj-ing or producing, I try to get my feeling in to the music. And when that happens, it is really a satisfaction.

6.4. Your site can't easily be found while searching for 100 Kilo Maarten in Google... what is ACCT site all about?

Well I got 2 url´s now; www.djacct.nl and www.100kilomaarten.dj. It directs you to the same site. This site is a bit old now, and I haven’t update it for an half year now. The site contains a profile of my own and some top 10’s. Also an agenda with old and new bookings, pictures of parties I played on, and there were a couple of mixes online. But the server I have them on went down. I am working on a new website, and I think the mixes will come back! So stay tuned!

6.5. It's a pity the Last broadcast of Thunderdome Radio are not online... can you upload them somewhere? I listened live and it was a BLAST! Great ending to such a great radio...

Yeah it really is a pitty ID&T stopped the show. But the last broadcast was really cool! Nice party is was! Maybe I set them online on my new website. Or you can get it through msn!


(Meanwhile they were put online here.)

6.6. What are the plans for future releases?

I have my own label now by ProArtistManagement, called Industrial Shock. That’s the name I have organised parties with for 4 years now. The first release will be in stores very soon now. It will be an double album from me and Deimos and a new great producer Sidephex. The first reactions for this records are really good! So this label got the be filled with good music! That’s one of the future plans, and together with these releases the Industrial Shock will go on a little tour in 2006. Maybe near you??

7. How is the Hardcore scene like in your country according to your point of view?
It is more developing now to mainstream, industrial and terror. Very slow tracks are less played at parties. The crowd want it fast and hard! But other parties you can hear really slow industrial tracks. So it depends on the party you are on what style you will get. One thing I don’t like, is that the crowd does not have any respect for the dj’s anymore. When they think the dj plays like shit, they through things to him, middlefingers are showed etc. It is really low to do that kind of things. RESPECT!!!

8. Do you get along with big names in the Hardcore scene?

Yes… By ProArtistManagement you have Catscan, X-ess and Korsakoff. I speak them often…others I see on parties.


9. What do you think of Spanish Makina, UK Happycore and Hardstyle? (I won't censor it eheh)

I think these kinds of music suck!

10. What is your view on recent mainstream Hardcore productions?

The quality of these tracks is really high these days. It sounds great and is well produced. But as always there are also lots of crap releases. When you compare the recent mainstream hardcore with the hardcore form ten years ago, it really has developed. The melodies are getting better, and the mix of the tracks are really nice!

11. What is the greatest reward you get by making your music?

That will be the time you play your own track on a party and the crowed goes mad. That is the biggest reward you can get!

12. What do you consider to be your greatest musical creation? And worse...

Uhmmm..I have now produced 6 trakcs together with Deimos. So I can not pick one off them, cause I think they are all great! My worst track… no one will ever hear that one!! hehe

12.1. When did you make your first track?

I am producing for a couple of years now. In that time I have made a lot of records, but not good enough to release. But the first one was in 1999 or something… the first track that will be released I made in 2004. The last 2 years I am more serious active with producing.

13. Have you ever sent demos that were rejected in the early years? What did people tell you?

I have give some demos to Promo, Catscan and Martijn Mobron. They gave some good advise by which I could learn something. Those advices really helped my through the beginning period!

14. The best party you ever played? And the worse?

They best party was Q-base 2004. Deimos and I has played for 5 hours non stop in a bunker with terrible hard sound, less lights and a damn good crowed! That was really some kick ass party! Also the second Nature One in 2000 in a bunker was amazing! The worst party is still yet to come!

15. What is your favorite style of Hardcore? And outside of Hardcore?

Industrial and outside I like a lot of different music. As long as it is nice to my I can listen to it. I am a really music fan!

16. Favourite Labels? And artists?

All labels have there good and bad releases. So I don’t have favourites. When a records is cool ,it is cool…besides what label it is on. Favourite artist now are Ophidian, Manu le Malin, Catscan, Speedy J, Johannes Heil.

17. Want to say leave some publicity here for your site/irc channel/whatever?

It is already in the Q&A’s… but here are some links: www.100kilomaarten.dj / www.pam.dj / www.industrialshock.dj / www.artistbookings.dj 

18.1. What are your projects for the future? Any incoming release/site/sideproject?

Well My own label is coming very soon with its first release, my website will be coming soon, and Deimos & I are still producing… so lots of cool stuff in the future!

18.2. And playing at parties?

A couple in the next months. These are all small parties, with crowd that likes the style I play. So really cool parties!

19. Do you think big labels look out for producers in the underground scene?

Yes. Most labels do lots of mainstream music, but to serve the whole scene they also want to release some underground stuff. So they are always searching for new producers!

20. What was the first Hardcore CD you owned? What did you feel when you first heard it?

It was house party 6; a mix cd by Buzz Fuzz and Mental Theo. The second part of the mix was hardcore, and I really enjoyed it. It gave me some energie!

21. Do you collect Thunderdome or any Hardcore series whatsoever?

Not on cd. I have Thunderdome 1 – 13 and a couple others. But on vinyl I collect lots of labels. I have for almost 1800 records now.

22. What is your favourite Thunderdome in musical terms?

The very first Thunderdome from the Dreamteam. I often listen to that one. It will never get boring!

23. What is your favourite Thunderdome Cover?

The last serie with the karton slave. Very simple but also very effective. I don’t like all those death and demon stuff on sleeves…

24. What do you feel about the current proximity between Hardcore and Industrial/Power Noise?

I just think that Hardcore and Industrial are more separated from each other. Nowadays you got 2 forms of Hardcore, mainstream and industrial. And the people that listens to mainstream doesn’t like the industrial. So in my opinion it is more separated. But one good thing is that techno and industrial are getting closer now. I really like that! Because my style is hardcore industrial with techno influences. So this gives me more opportunities to explore the borders of both styles!

25. Do you consider Speedcore and Noisecore, once almost exclusive to a "elite" of underground maniacs, is now much closer to the "main" scene?

Yes it is. Lots of people do want the faster stuff. And on the internet I see lots of them who only want terror. So you can say that terror is part of the mainstream. But the most hardcore terror freaks can hold it for max one hour. Than they are tired on going home…I have always some Deatchant records with me for the end. I think this are really good records, with a very nice rhythm in it. And the tempo is really high. I like that sometimes!

26. Do you predict a more commercial era or the return to the underground?

It depends on how commercial it is then. When some idiot calls himself Gabber Piet and makes some crap which end op in the hitlist…I don’t want that…When it becomes commercial it should stay pure. Then it will survive. But I think the mainstream sound can become very popular again by the main people. The industrial sound will not be, because this sound is not easy to handle. Most people really don’t get it with that sound, and I don’t blame them! ;) The real industrial sound should stay underground!

27. If you met a genie and could have a wish relead to the Gabber scene, what would it be?

Uhhmmmm that’s difficult…I think that I would let all the people stop wearing those stupid uniforms, especially the girls! I think when everybody looks normal, the atmosphere will also be much better.

28. Spam time! Did you know a Portuguese scene existed before my contact (or visiting www.thunderdome.web.pt)?

Yeah I have been told by some colleague djs…And you’re website was known be me to!

29. What do you think of www.thunderdome.web.pt? What is your favourite part of this site? What would add to it? And change?

The site looks really cool! Well done! My favourite part is the F.A.Q. and Thunderdome sites. They contain a lot of information which is very nice to read. I think everything is in it!

30. Any message to the hardcore/gabber community in general and to the Portuguese in particular?

Keep the scene alive by stop downloading the songs from the internet!

31. Would you ever consider playing in Lisbon?

Yeah! It want that. I think Lisbon is a very nice town, and I want to visit I sometimes, so you can always count me in!


Maarten van Leeuwen  (02.01.2006)