Event: Thunderdome 1999
Location: Thialf Stadium Heerenveen
Date: 02-10-1999

Reporter Name: Ben Mertens
Age: 25
Land of origin: Holland
Date of report: 08-07-2006

After almost one year of silence around Thunderdome, the new edition was settled. Thunderdome 1999 would be held at the legendary Thialf Stadium in Heerenveen! The date was already announced, the 2nd of October 1999, almost the exact date of the very first Thunderdome ever, back in 1992 (03-10-1992), in the very same Stadium…

I had never been at the Thialf Stadium before so I was very exited going there. And because Id&t did not tell anything about the line up, it got even more exiting!! Until the last moment on, Id&t never published the line up, so we never knew witch dj was coming up next!

We already took the train very early (18:00 hours), just to be sure not to miss anything. It would be al long trip, about 4.5 hours, before we would arrive at the station of Heerenveen. But the trip was very amusing and fun because we left the station with about 50 friends. At the time we almost arrived at the final station we heard the bad news that the station of Heerenveen could not be reached because of a technical disturbance! So we had to get of the train one station earlier, about 3 km away from the Thialf!


At the time we left the train we saw how popular Thunderdome still was… At least 500 gabbers left the train together with us, at 22:00 hours already and many trains still had to come!!

But there was no other way to reach the Thialf than walking, so we left the station with about 500 gabbers towards the Thialf. Straight trough the village of the always boring, silenced and extremely tidy Heerenveen. All gabbers where singing the Dutch song of Neophyte ˝Het bananenlied˝ as we past the streets of the village. The village people where all standing in front of their windows, stunned, with their mouth open, as we passed by. Nobody knew exactly where we had to go so we had to ask passing cars sometimes for the right directions. But most of the time they where afraid to open their car window and quickly drove away!! Unbelievable!! But really a cool experience…

After a long walk we finaly arrived at the giant Thialf Stadium. Quickly we noticed that the doors where still closed and hundreds of people gathered in front of the entrance. Finaly, at 23:30 hours, the doors opened. Way too late if you ask me!! The frisking and searching by the security went fast so it didn’t take much longer before we could enter the building.


The Thialf Stadium has 2 different areas. The actual ice stadium (a Olympic ice skating track of 400 metres) and a smaller ice hockey hall. We entered the building at the ice hockey hall. In this hall was the wardrobe, all kinds of commercial stands, a party picture stand, and all kinds of food and drinks. So we put away our jackets and quickly went to one of the entrances of the big hall. We entered the hall directly at the front, next to the stage. The hall was huge with seats all around it, like a arena!

I knew that the name ˝THUNDERDOME˝ was named after this huge hall, and as I entered it, I immediately understood why… One huge hall with a high roof formed like a huge bath tub, the DOME. A huge dome filled with loud pounding bassdrums, the THUNDER.

The stage was a bit simple, pretty high with big video screens next to it. Suddenly I noticed 2 huge wizards with a diameter of at least 2.5 metres!! Before I could point at it to show my friend right next to me, the 2 wizards burst into flames due to giant fire fountains that where positioned underneath them! It really gave a superb effect!!


This is the actual wizard (made of 1 cm thick steel) that burst into flames at Thunderdome’99 – picture taken at Hardbass 2005 Jaarbeurs Utrecht


As we walked trough the hall we saw the traditional spider attraction standing at the backside of the hall. It was time to get the feet moving so we choose a nice place right in front of a wall of speakers to feel the maximum bass. After a while we decided to give our feet some rest and sat down at the tribunes for a while. The tribunes are a lot higher than the hall itself witch provided us from an excellent view over the huge hall. We where sitting completely in the back next to the Spider when suddenly loud sirenes blazed trough the hall. First I didn’t understand what was happening when suddenly huge cages lowered down from the ceiling, filled with speakers and strobo’s!! A large section of the crowd was trying to get in those cages before they reached the ground. This really was a magnificent sight from the tribunes! This was one of the things this evening that absolutely showed the power of Id&t, still being so goddamn original after all these years…



After this cool surprise we decided it was time to visit the partypicture stand to make a nice remembrance. I’m the one with the Mysteryland cap and the Id&t Hardcore Soccershirt:


After this we entered the dome again to dodge some more bassdrums when suddenly the next surprising thing occurred… Extremely loud and ear damaging explosions came from the stage scaring thousands of people!! These explosions where directly followed by firework arrows witch flew over the crowd from the left to the right!! Again a effect that has never been seen before. At the left and right side of the hall where standing 6 high towers. These towers where connected to each other with steel cables. The firework arrows where ignited by men standing on top of those towers, and followed the steel cables trough the huge hall!!



After this show, a live act was announced. A live act that exceeded my expectations! I have always been a huge fan of this German DJ, especially when he shows up together with THE TMC and even better with the Ultimate MC also… Yes, they announced Marc Acardipane ft. THE TMC, together they form the incredible famous PCP CREW!! I still can remember this live act like it was just yesterday. The record choice was pretty slow with low bpm but the records are legendary, this in combination with the incredible atmosphere raising mc act of THE TMC, it was one of the best live acts I have seen, even still as today! Some weeks later, when the video got out, this live act was partly on it so I surely could never forget it!! Also Neophyte showed up live on stage but this act was the same as always, completely drunk and the same records as always. Strangely they still do the same live act nowadays (14 years already) but they have never lost popularity, I guess Neophyte has some kind of an X factor…



Other dj’s who took place behind the tables that night were: Buzz Fuzz, Pavo, Miro, Randy, Leviathan, 3 steps ahead (live), Promo, X-ess etc… When the lights went on we left the Stadium extremely satisfied as always, but this time, not knowing that Thunderdome would not be back in the year 2000 the way it should be…

Ranking 0-10
Atmosphere: 9
Light /laser: 7
Decoration: 9
Location: 9
Sound level: 7.5
Dj's record choice: 8.5

Some complaints:
- Opening time (about 23:00 hours)

- Some of the speakers where blown up after a while