Event: Thunderdome 1998
Location: FEC. Leeuwarden
Date: 28-11-1998

Reporter Name: Ben Mertens
Age: 25
Land of origin: Holland
Date of report: 26-06-2006

After 2 years of silence in the Fec. Leeuwarden, Id&t returned with their number one concept. Thunderdome 1998 was approved after some problems with the autorities of Leeuwarden, due to excessive noise levels last time in 96. But partly because some gabbers who live in Leeuwarden started off an signature protest to show the authorities that the most people who live in the neighbourhood don't have a problem with Thunderdome, the event was approved!!

Although the last edition of Global Hardcore Nation a few months ago was a bit disappointing, we couldn't wait to set foot on the dancefloor of Thunderdome again!! We left with a partytravel bus from the southest of the south of Holland to almost the northest of the North of Holland!! We had to face 350 km to be a part of Thunderdome 1998. We arrived several hours later, about 23:00 hours. We saw there where still waiting hundreds of people at the entrance to go in! A large wizard flag was positioned above the entrance with a large sign: SOLD OUT
After almost one hour we finaly got in. The Fec has one large hallway with 3 different entrances to 3 different halls.

Hall one: Thunderdome
Hall two: Oldschool and Newschool
Hall three: Hardcore and Terror

The Halls where pretty big, all together about 15000 m2, of course the Thunderdome hall was the biggest. The first hall to enter was the hardcore/terror hall. At the ceiling there was hanging a huge human body. The body was positioned horizontally and was so big that it covered the complete
length of the hall. The body was white and they put blacklight above it so it glowed up really nice. The next hall was the oldschool/newschool hall, I haven't been there much that evening and I'm sorry to report that I can't remember how it looked like, it has been almost 8 years ago so!


The last hall is the one where we killed all those kilometres for, the Thunderdome Hall!! One huge hall with two things that caught the eye immediately. First the huge Globe with the hands of the wizard hanging at the ceiling (recording to the slogan "Hardcore rules the world" of course) and the second thing, the enormous catwalk that pierced the hall in two areas.


The sound in the Thunderdome hall was hard enough to keep the feet moving! Special things about the performances I can remember are: 3 Steps Ahead, Neophyte live and ofcourse the 3 million cd award. 3 steps ahead started his live act of with Painted Black, he came up with his golden suite with the high hat and at the moment supreme fireworks lettering fired up in the words: THUNDERDOME 1998. Absolutely a memorable moment, especially because Peter Paul Pigmans died 3 years ago!

Neophyte used the catwalk to separate the people, they wanted to hear witch side of the hall could make the hardest noise. So one part had to keep their mouth shut while the other side where screaming their lungs out!! Eventually we where standing on the side that made less noise than the other side, afterwards that was a blessing because the winning side got free beer, Neophyte style!! For those who don't know, Neophyte kicks and throws glasses of beer towards the crowd!!!


Somewhere in the middle of the night the announced award took place. Id&t sold over 3 million Thunderdome cd's over the years and because they wanted to show their gratitude, they gave all the artists who where also responsible for this success a gratitude award. They also had the intention to let every artist who got this award, play a short set, but the time ran out and not every artist got
the chance to do their thing!

We stayed all night until the music stopped and the lights went on at 06:45 hours, slowly we left the building towards our bus, satisfied but on the other hand sad because another superb edition of Thunderdome is already history again!

Ranking 0-10
Atmosphere: 8.5
Light /laser: 8
Decoration: 9
Location: 8
Sound level: 8
Dj's record choice: 9

Some complaints:
-Long waiting time at the entrance
-No party picture possible due to excessive light flashes that ruined the picture (party picture stand was positioned very wrong)

This last thing bothers me the most, because now I don't have any picture at all that can keep the remembrance of this great party!