Event: Thunderdome 2009 - Alles Naar de Klote
Location: Jaabeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands
Date: 19-12-2009

Reporter: João Dias (5th Raider)
Age: 28
Land of origin: Portugal
Date of report: 10-10-2010


After a while, and due to too many personal affairs at hand + a bit of lazyness... here goes the report. I know some of you waited for this pics for some months, and many wanted to know my feelings on this event. So here goes.

Me and my friend Ricardo decided to go to Thunderdome 2009. The travel to Amsterdam was a confusion: the plane got delayed, so by the time it would leave Portugal, we would arrive to Amsterdam during the event, which was in Utrecht! For us, nightmare! After a lot of discussion, the people at the flight company could get us a seat on another plane that would arrive even earlier than we were expecting. A total stress situation, but resolved. When we arrived, cold and bad weather was upon us. Snow, lots of snow, -1 ºC, and wind. A blizzard seemed on the way. Off to Utrecht, where we would meet my friends and fellow collectors.


Me, Sven (Mr Boom), Olav (ThunderdomeUtreg) and Omar, near Sven's customized Peugeot.


I visited Olav's place, which was nice: I could personally look at his collection and see some items I missed and some items he misses from me. It was a cool chat and a warm welcome, and I think everyone there enjoyed it. Then we noticed: we were getting late for Thunderdome.


Outside the Jaarbeurs...


Cold: next to this Portugal was in the summer. The Jaarbeurs Utrecht is quite large, and it was a thrill to see those huge letters anouncing Thunderdome 2009. Tons of people heading up for the main entrance. I headed to the backstage entrance, which was quite a long way from the main entrance. Thanks again to Irfan for the treat (you're always THE man!). Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome!


Mainstage - many lasers, cool back LEDs, but average decoration...


Again a confusion with the lockers and everything. I feel that a person should be able to go back to the lockers anytime he/she wants, not just at the entrance. Specially considering the merchandise. With the full access we did not have this problem, but others did. Getting a locker was not easy and they were TOO small. The mainstage was large, filled with green lasers and a nice LED backwall, with transmited messages and simple drawings. Very good concept, but the Thunderdome decoration itself was poor, with only one banner. There were the Thunderdome XV Years letters spread across the room, which was nice, altough not new. Mainstream Hardcore was being played.


Me, Ben (UHM) and some friends.


A rendez-vouz with a great friend of mine was one highlight of the evening! We discussed about the event and some other things. I think we both agreed on the decoration setting. I decided to go oldskool...


The Past area, in front of the stage.


The Thunderbus! Destroyed, burned, alles naar de klote! Very good ideia for a stage, altough it should be on top of a podium, some people in the back had no ideia the Thunderdome Bus was there. Few lasers, but very good ambient. Using full acess, I decided to go inside for a ride.


More from the backstage of the Past area.


Inside the bus was a sub-party! Artists, close friends and relatives, it was fun. And we could contact with the crowd. Was totaly amazing not only to witness, but to be a part of the Thunderdome show. Who would have known the crowd reacts so good to some unknown guy making bullshit? :)


MCing inside the bus...


Pavo is a very fun person.


The oldskool sound, always on top. A lot of people wearing cavello's, nike snikers, oldskool Thunderdome shirts, you named it. Many hakkeh dancing and a lot of the 1992-1998 sound being played. Very good mood, and the sound quality was also nice. For many I bet this seemed just like the good ol'days.


The front of the bus...


Fucking Hardcore!

François (Chosen Few)


I returned to the bus later, where I got to finally meet Chosen Few (Mokum Records' creator) in person, which was cool. After some chat, I even got to meet his father, which is a very humurous person. I got to make a lot of films in HD on this stage (also on other stages), which was slick. They are too large for the website, but maybe someday I find a way of sharing them, some are really good.


View from the TOP of the Thunderdome Bus - now there's something else...


Omar and Sven viewed from the Past stage...


Driving the ThunderBus!


While "driving" the bus, one could interact with the crowd.


I got the ideia to use the driver's seat in the Thunderbus, which was hilarious. People in the front line of the crowd were saying go for it... and I did. Took some nice pictures, and Chosen Few's father followed my ideia and we made a joke of it. Damn, the bus was totally wrecked. But now I can say I was one time inside of it, on the driver's seat.


Ruffneck rules the Artcore scene...


Ah, Mr. Ruffneck himself, the mentor of Enzyme Records, Gangsta, Ruffneck, Supreme Intelligence... you name it! A Hardcore Legend. A nice person, he let us film and talk while he was playing some damn good music, and driving the crowd inside. I just had to see him live, too many memories from my past and the music from his label. A highlight of Thunderdome, for sure.


The destroyed Thunderbus while Ruffneck is on it.


More backstage, with lasers on top.


You could easily go from the Past to the Industrial backstage, which I often did. That way I could almost be on 2 places at the same time. In one spot you could hear both stages, mixing old and new Hardcore: somehow it's different, but not SO different.


On the way to the collector's meeting we found this guy that you probably never heard of. ;)


Another one of the same unknown band! :P And I heard the guy on the right makes records too...


Evologic and me, having fun and lot talking too much about trading stuff and the usual business...


Collectors meeting: me taking the picture. Damn, Wouter is big! Why is Ben hidding behind Olav? :P


Another pic, with me on it. Damn you Sven for the same ideia: 17 years, Thunderdome 17 shirt...


Ok, after hanging out with these guys, which I talk to almost everyweek online, I went to the Thunderdome shop. Lots of clothing, but despite one or 2 items really worth buying, the rest was too simple. Good for everyday lothing, but lacked that Thunderdome spirit from the 90's - like the longsleeve I am wearing. By the way, it's impressive but some guy (not from the collectors) wanted to buy this shirt from me on the spot. I've bought some shirts, longsleeeves, stuff for friends... I got some free posters, and I asked a security guard to keep them. Needless to say that when I returned they were not there. I did not like it, and I think it was not kind from the security or the people who took them. Moving on...


The (back)stage of the Industrial area...


Headed to the Industrial stage. It was a bit of a let down in size. The concept was suberb, a tunnel composed of transporting dumpsters: reminding of Tunnel of Terror. Sound was loud and impressive, pouding. But the area would take like 200 people. The size of a PT.CORE. Way too small for Thunderdome and for the impressive line-up which brought the attention of so many gabbers.


The Industrial Line-up, always good to check while drinking a beer with the crew.


The Outside Agency playing one AMAZING set.


My friend Ricardo recorded the entire The Outside Agency set on video, it was really good industrial Hardcore and Darkcore. The crowd responded well, and I got the feeling that playing this live for 200-300 people while in 2007 it was for 25 000 people, was a big difference. Their music works on both levels of crowd but somehow I would have loved to see them again in a huge stage. Still, this made a more intimist approach to their music.


View from the Industrial stage.


Tymon on some rough pouding Hardcore.


After some drinks with the crew and artists, we decided to go to the mainstage. Damn, I can say Promo live kicked ass: he played a lot of good tracks, specially those Third Movement classics you really want to heard. Second this I heard him in a large stage and I can say Demons always rocks the crowds. Entered backstage again, to meet some of the artists for the first time and in other cases to say hello. This backstage, unlike Dominator 2005 or Thunderdome XV years, was small and dark. But filled with good humor and a lot of people willing to have fun.


On the way to the mainstage: Drokz, whom was nice to talk to.


A view towards the main area...

Lasers, lights, action.

Backstage of the main area...


The LED wall upclose was great. It was a pleasure to be there, seeing the works behind the scene, meeting the artists. They are normal people like you and me, some make a living of the music, so I guess people are very down to earth. That is good, and healthy. Partyraiser is a fun guy, MC Mouth of Madness as always, a loving character. He reckognized me instantly, which I was not expecting. A very human and friendly person, always fun - also had taken tons of booze, who can blaim him? ehehehe :)


Ricardo and 5th Raider wth Partyraiser and MC Mouth of Madness.


The Thunderdome Radio crew: MC Justice and MC Mouth of Madness

DJ Promo, 5th Raider and Ricardo.


DJ Promo hasn't changed since I last saw him in 2007, seems very work-focused, professional. A shy guy that is an honour to talk to: he is one of the pillars of Dutch Hardcore. Jeroen from Neophyte, which was the third time I spent time with, is great also. No matter if he is a legend, he is down to earth and totally nice. He gave me advice on how to make my events in Portugal bigger and how to write my own record and become a famous DJ: something I doubt I will ever be, since I hardly have time in real life for producing. It's nice he understood that having 2 different careers is impossible most of the time, and that nowadays, you really have to choose. He has a very practical view on things, and is more than meets the eye. A pleasure to talk to...

Pointing the fingers...

What is on top of that ladder?

Daymar playing! What a view of the Thunderdome crowd.


The view of the Thunderdome crowd from the DJ standpoint is something I won't forget: a real special moment and a priviledge. Pitty one can't stay there for as long as he wishes. :) I must say, when Neophyte played, it was hilarious to see them trying to break the expensive equipment and turntables,while the crew were stopping them. They were on a rush to make Thunderdome really "Alles Kapot" and to bring havoc to the stage. I have no ideia if most of the crowd noticed it, but in the end, Neophyte sound was basically cut (after 7 a.m.) and they still wanted to play and wreck the damn place. This was beautifull to watch just next to me and to see the crowd reaction. Another highlight. Pitty they did not let them play longer... they still keep that Hardcore feeling.



Impressive lasers...

Multicolor laser! I was not expecting that.


Damn, this multicolor laser was strong.


Neophyte live, as seen from the audience.


The strobes would give instant seizures, very good.


The ending of Thunderdome was brutal: fast, rough, insane...


MC Justice laughing while Neophyte are playing.


Industrial area afterwards.


Past area burnout.


Alles kapot.


After the show ended, time to go back to the cold and say goodbye to all the people and friends who made the night special. A train ride, quiet and nice, we were exausted.


A blizzard came, all white.


Airport: ALL cancelled.


And then, when you think: I am going home to my bed... Flight cancelled due to bad weather! I keep the long story short: 6 hours waiting in line, flight scheduled for the next day, spending money to sleep in some airport hotel for 10 hours straight, totally wasted. Then again to the airport the next day: flight again cancelled! Total caos, lines of 800 people, more than 24h of waiting just to get to the desk: PANIC. Somehow in a strike of pure luck, we could get a flight to Lyon and then to Portugal. Pure luck, and we could help some others on the way too. In that flight was also... DJ Promo! :) So a nice souvenir from this confusion. We talked a bit about this crazy events, and off we went to Lyon. And then to Lisbon, where I finally got home completly tired and needy of a warm bath and a cousy bed. But it was totally worth it! :)


See you next time, T H U N D E R D O M E!