Some months had passed after the previous PT.CORE, so we decided to do a new one. This time we wanted to bring the Hardcore sound to another city, so we choose Oporto, in the north of Portugal. The line-up included some regulars at PT.CORE, plus an artist from Aveiro (Nyoken). We found a very small, but completly sound proof place which helds regular underground rock, electro, techno and even noise events - Fábrica do Som. We made internet promotion only because the person in charge of the flyer distribution in Oporto forgot his task... anyway, since the place is very small, it was enough for what we wanted: to test the Hardcore sound in Oporto.

Quite some people came all the way from Lisbon, Aveiro and other places to be on this small event. I decided to dedicate PT.CORE 3 to 3 Steps Ahead, so each one of us played at least one track by Peter Paul Pigmans.

When we arrived at Oporto we found the place of the event very easily. We had to set up the equipment, since it was all messed up, but we finally got it right. There was a dinner before the event, with many friends and hardcore fans from here. Afterwards, at 23h00, the party began. By the way, the whole room had no lights but the projector, so when you see things clearly in the picture, it's a flash! :P Somehow the place did not even maintain their illumination, now that's fucked up. Well, we didn't care much, since the projector made enough light and effects for such a small room.

The entrance to Fábrica do Som.

DDK playing while the VJs projected the PT.CORE logo.

DDK playing nasty Speedcore and Terror...

DDK was the first and he spared no one, from Industrial Hardcore to Speedcore and Terror... we had no ideia he would start the event like this, but oh well, no one seemed to mind the destructive sound. Asuras was next!

Asuras is a shadow on the left, while Mecca is Vjing on the right.

Asuras did an oldskool set, which meant Thunderdome classics for the most part. People never stopped to dance, it was great to hear those old tunes on a loud sound system.

Asuras, the army man on decks!

DDK showing his support.

Hot Rod, Nyoken and Miguel (M.) danced their asses off.

Hardcore Lab was next, a portuguese melodic Hardcore Live Act. 100% portuguese made sounds, usually fast-paced but with a twisted melody...

Xplicit as Hardcore Lab playing his music...

Video show origin...

Kero Um Tiro (KUT) was next, for a completely differente approach! He went from Oldskool to Noisecore and Digital Hardcore, Mashups and Breakcore... :) No genre limits!

KUT bashing the speakers... (photo by Veno

Asuras, 5th Raider and KUT

Technoviking portuguese lo-fi version! :P

Yes, this is what it looks like!

KUT's set was a blend of Gabber, Digital Hardcore and Noise... and hell, even a Hip Hop track was in the mix. Total aural sound assault, which culminated in everyone dancing like crazy and clapping along, while KUT cheered the audience, and damn, even imitated a dog and tried a virtual piss at the audience. As usual, KUT susprises live and made everybody get into an even better mood! The atmosphere was great, and people wanted to party till they dropped. 5th Raider was next...

5th Raider at work (photo by Veno)

Evil lurks... (photo by Veno)

People having fun...

Adjusting the EQ for more ear damage...

Darkcore, Oldskool Gabber, Noisecore, Speedcore, Digital Hardcore, I blended all in one set. The highlight of the set was when Good Time and Money in My Pocket by 3 Steps Ahead were played, the people clapped their hands, did the hakken and moved around totally wild. DOA also kicked ass and ATR's Destroy 2000 years of culture simply rocked with such a sound system in a closed small room. Altough this was a very small audience it was a pleasure to play. One of the speakers acutally started to make distortion when I played one of my tracks, and the amplifiers could fry an egg! I must thank RT for the video show, it was simply amazing during my set! Afterwards, Hefesto vs Nyoken came to pay...

Hefesto \m/

Hefesto and Nyoken pretending he is the wizard or something... :P

With no flash, this was what we saw...

Hefesto and Nyoken played mainstream Hardcore, some old classics and Darkcore. The party was pumping, and the VJs were making an impressive work. For this PT.CORE we have invited 4 VJs, 2 were from previous events, and Mecca and VJ Myn were the newcomers. All did a fantastic work, and really showed skills worthy of a huge festival display.


VJ Myn working and... wtf?

Nice visuals, this was the real look with no flash... dark...

Our lady VJ doing mayhem on video.

Meanwhile, outside the music room (which could isolate like 90% of the sound with the door closed!), there was a nice chill out area... where the speakers actually put out the music which was playing inside. Ok, so much for the chill out, but it allowed people to talk and have a drink. There was a merchandise stand and a bar of course.

Chatting and having a drink outside the music room...

Another perspective.

Merchandise stand with nice goodies, including tons of good Industrial CDs.

Upstairs from the Bar and Music Room there was a recording studio, our friend here played the secretary...

And these 2 guys came from far away and were hanging out next to her... the new generation.

But downstairs the party continued, since people still wanted more - altough it was 4h45, we rotated the DJs again! One of the speakers was already a bit fucked up, but party kept going, no one cared. This felt totally underground, since this was a rave for what it is: music and fun! The sound only stopped near 06h00, and people were still dancing and socializing.

Keep the party going!..

After 6h00, we still hanged around a bit chating about Hardcore and PT.CORE. It was worth coming to Oporto, a total of 100 people showed up at the event, which was nice considering no promotion was made besise the internet - a good perspective for future larger events which we will do with real promotion, of course. We were already making plans for PT.CORE 4, probably taking place in early 2008 in Lisbon. People asked me for more PT.CORE events, and I hope we can give them. Afterwards, nothing like sleeping in the train station waiting for our ride to Lisbon... See you next time!

Hot Rod was the resistant who danced all night long...


After almost 1 year, 3 Steps Ahead's brother Mark Pigmans saw this webpage. As promised, I will put his words here as thanks to all people who were in PT.CORE 3:

"I was reading about your event in Oporto. I can't believe I was there that evening in Oporto, 500 meters away, and I did not knew about it... shame on me! I must thank you for bringing a tribute to my brother. I can see on the pictures that everybody was having a good time, and that is how it should be! Can you please say thanks to everybody who played there. This really means something to me."

Mark Pigmans, 30th June 2008