After years of waiting, it finally happened... the first 100% Hardcore event in Portugal! Not the first time Hardcore was played in Portugal, but the first time a whole event was dedicated to this genre.

The ideia existed for many years, but only in the last "janta" (dinner) of #thunderdome did we manage to get things going. 5th Raider was in charge of the organization, with the help of Genius DJ and KUT.. 5th Raider came up with the name, flyer design and general arrangement, while Genius DJ managed to find a nice small place to host this experimental event: Tocsin Club in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. It would be in a Wednesday night (not a very strong night), but better than nothing at all. Organizing the event was a bit tricky at first but somehow we managed to do some promotion and make things smooth. KUT helped us out a lot, due to him we got great advice, the VJs' contacts and enough tvs for the whole show. :)


Flyer front                                                                   Flyer back


After some period of indefinition, we came to the conclusion 5 people were going to play: me (5th Raider), KUT, DDK, Hefesto and Genius DJ. 3 VJs would put out imagery in 8 TVs (something different for a different night - thanks for the advice Zaztraz). People had to come from Oporto, Guarda and other cities, and so, the internet was the perfect mean to communicate. This would be the first time most would see each other.


Setting up the rave, strobe was already working.


The 8 TVs putting out crazy imagery... and the 2 responsible laptops.


We arrived 2 hours earlier to organize the space and test the sound system (which survived with sucess to our demands and assaults). Bairro Alto was a bit empty, we were fearing no one would show up... we also handed out flyers in hand, specially at Erasmus parties.



The Tocsin entrance (free admission).


By 23h00 people were already outside Tocsin waiting to get in, and Hefesto started his mainstream Hardcore/Gabber set. Surprisingly the people responded, all was well. The known hits were recognized by the Hardcore audience and faster tunes were the ones with more sucess. The set was perfectly mixed to the second, which sounded quite pro. The public was getting into it and dancing around the place.


DDK doing... something... Genius DJ looking suspicious to the other side. Hefesto was playing.


Disco Inferno


Hefesto happy after his set...


DDK was next. We already knew he was going to tear the place down with Speedcore, but his set was truly infernal: never under 250 bpm and always putting out stuff from Brain Destruction to Mascha Records to Totschlag Records... 500, 600, 700, 800 bpm.... a true sound assault! At first peopel went nuts, but after a few minutes, it was clear this was over the top, too much brutality to hear, too much speed to dance. The dancefloor emptied a bit, but some tenacious beings kept going. Ocasionally people would come in to dance around or do some epileptic moves, but not for a long time. This was much expected, even in Holland the Speedcore/Terror subgenre is never easy. But amazingly many people enjoyed it and some resistants withstood most of the set. The TVs were putting out some crazy gore and stuff from terror movies, which combined exactly with the flashing strobe (which I kept pushing faster and faster). Not for the faint-hearted...


Ouija about to have a stroke while dancing to Speedcore. KUT taking some pics...


Heliogabalus danced Speedcore non-stop: ready for Tunnel of Terror!


Chilling out to Speedcore... :)


Outside people were taking a break from Speedcore madness and exchaging ideias and contacts (sorry for the crap photo).


DDK playing next to the red wall, while the VJ crew were busy working...


KUT was next. Already 1h24 and people were coming in again, soon the place is crowded. Digital Hardcore and Breakcore are expecting them! KUT went berzerk in the laptop, playing loops and crazy samples, making people have a nice time. As soon as ATR blasted the speakers, a small moshpit was raised for enhanced pleasure. Mayhem! The set included all, from industrial bands, to some grindcore to mindblasting Venetian Snares and Somatic Responses. The crowd responded very well, and the atmosphere was amazing. KUT's own tracks worked fine, and his set showed the more experimental and somewhat versatile side of Hardcore. Something for every taste... people were already dropping sweat and jumping around.


KUT: Homem da Conspiração


KUT and 5th Raider "nerding" with the computer


KUT putting out sound




Ouija going psycho on ATR!




nice shirt...


DDK freaking out (what's wrong with everybody's hands anyway?)


5th Raider was next... with the place already pumping due to KUT, this was a matter of keeping it up. Started with some crazy intro from Thunderdome 2001 and mainstream Hardcore (which catched the public's attention), progressivly passing to industrial Hardcore (TTM and Enzyme X, oh  yeah!) and then blasting Speedcore and Noisecore. The crowd was kicking it hard, everybody dancing around and shouting. Again a drastic reduction to slower BPMs, playing the mandatory classic "We Have Arrived" (16 years later it still works like a charm!), and some atmospheric mainstream Gabber (Holographic style). 5th Raider engaged in some oldskool madness which imediatly took a strange unexpected effect on people: they loved it! The crowd went crazy, shouting and dancing like nuts. The best was to come... again speeding up the tempo with some Fear Factory remixes and DOA. Crowd went completly berzerk, screaming, shouting, moshing, dancing around like nuts and dropping sweat like hell! Quite an impressive moment I must say, never expected such a warm welcome to such harsh sounds. Awesome! After some minutes of Speedcore mayhem that included tracks by myself (some people knew them from the previous show), some Darkcore by The Outside Agency and Ophidian kicked in, making everything more serious, and showing the ethereal gloomy site of Hardcore... the set ended with Supernova, a Noisecore atmospheric track that made people drop sweat again while maintaining total darkness. The set worked out amazingly well, everybody had fun and was waiting for more.


5th Raider playing.


Hefesto takes some photos during 5th Raider's set


Another point of view with 5th Raider focusing on his set


Crowd was going wild to Oldskool Hardcore (Achtung! Achtung!)

Trashing the place with some badass Speedcore.


Genius DJ started his tracklist. In his usual style, he began with some hardstyle and softer slower gabber that kept the party going, but lighter and more relaxing. Girls seem to like it and do some sexy dance instead of just jumping around like nuts. Some ocasional drops in the set (no music coming out of the speakers!) were due to the overheating of the system, but the people took it well and didn't care at all. In fact, as soon as the music restarted after a few seconds, mayhem increased. Genius DJ played Hardcore from all over the world: underground producers from Russia, Japan and tons of other countries with very different sounding and merging different views of this genre. It worked quite well, and altough it was a different approach, people were into it. The mayhem return with full power as soon as the bpms rose: very fast gabber was kicking in and blasting the speakers. People went nuts again, screaming and dancing around. When it was anounced the last tracks would be played, people were ready to burn the last drops of energy. Known gabber tracks from Neophyte killed the dancefloor and made a great ending. 4h30, half and hour past the allowed time... and people wanted more! Yet, due to legal reasons, no more could be played, but everybody was happy. The night had been a sucess in every way.


Genius DJ at work.


Track selection...


Put your hands up in the air...


After the sound ceased people kept talking and hanging around, and we started to pack and clean the place. Afterwards, the organization went to eat and drink at some local typical bar. ;)

Here are some more photos of the event for those who wish to see more...


Another view without flash, with the door open it sounded like a demolition site. :P



Hefesto dancing in some dark corner...


Busy bar.




VJs in action!


More gore


The audience getting into KUT's set


DDK is happy!


KUT playing serious and the crowd moving to 5th Raider's set


Genius DJ replacing me on the strobe control button


More crowd moving...


More moving crowd...


Good atmosphere was the rule


Have you ever been mellow?


~VJ Push perfecting the videos, while girls perfecting this photo...


Push & TVs...


Girls on film...


Taken while dancing...

π-Rat at work... sci-fi imagery.


π-Rat, KUT e RT: no comment!


A/C turned on in maximum power of course.




Burning the dancefloor...




See no evil


WC and matraquilhos...


The bar again...



Mário, the owner of Toscin was friendly and helpfull from the start. Cheers!


5th Raider and Kenny!

Kenny and Coolboard (just like the good old days!)

#Thunderdome was the beginning... oldskool posse!

Hefesto and 5th Raider


Get retarded while Genius DJ is playing

KUT, RT, Push and 5th Raider



Fun fun fun...

Chilling out in the end...

A new day is born... rainbow high in the sky... ;)


The public seemed to have liked this first contact very much and the owner of Tocsin wants to repeat this event soon: great news! A place for the portuguese Hardcore scene at last! He even suggested another club, which is larger (Tocsin has capacity for 50-60 people). So, the party worked out in terms of sound, audience, and video/effects, and managed to give the public a taste of different approaches on Hardcore, while joining people already into the scene and new souls. Everyone in the organization tought it went excellent, beyond expectations... and the audience supported this ideia and encouraged us. Awesome!

Personally I had tons of fun, and the rave was a dream come true: Hardcore is here to stay. See you next time... as soon as possible. ;) Hardcore Lives!