The Flyer!


While on MSN I got an invitation to join my friend Kero Um Tiro (KUT) in a versus live act! This would be the first time I would play my own tracks live, so a really nice opportunity. Me (5th Raider) and KUT organized the sequence of the tracks to be played, the mixing to be done and the way they should sound. Special intro and details, as so modifications in the tracks were made so they could be played live with the highest impact. We also planned a special outfit - see below.

The date (22nd April 2006) and place (Caixa Económica Operária) were set... FREE entrance, so no excuses! Publicity was spread online and by mouth.


The place to be.... you can see the sheets (!) used for video projection.


The day has come. The artist line up is very diversified and powerfull, raging from electro/IDM to UK Hardcore to Breakcore. A unique event in Portugal, specially considering the amount of national artists! As if that was not enough, the place was beautifull (see and we had video projection in 3 different "screens".


More video projection.


When I arrived at the place, I realized the party was on the third floor, and that the whole bulding was dedicated to the same organization. Many people were on the stairs, and at the top of the stairs the nice Thisco merchandise stand was there filled with CDs, Goodies and magazines. KUT even had some exclusive CDr's there for sale at a bargain price. As I entered the main room, I was dissapointed and happy at the same time: the place was great, with a nice bar, good video projection, nice tables and chairs for those who wish to watch quietly and a good dancefloor for those who wish to party.... but few people (15 or something!). I was fearing we would have more artists than audience (not that anyone would give a shit). I met ZazTraz, the person who had invited me and KUT to play, and the man behind the organization of all this. A great guy, who went to all this trouble for free, investing his time and effort. He is also a portuguese Hardcore fan, one who travels around the planet organizing parties and events - somehow a decade ago I bet he would have joined Spiral Tribe or something. We talked for the first time live and I must tell you we were lucky to have him doing this. We arranjed a few details as we listened to the first artists of the night with their electro/IDM/Noise sound... very good, altough not danceable. Still, more people were coming to listen...

Almost at midnight me and KUT went to the WC to change to our "oufit", getting ready to play next. As we heard the sound of "5th Raider - Voyager 100681 A.C." we came out to blast the crowd... or the 10 people we were hoping to be sitting quietly somewhere...


KUT and 5th Raider (putting my gloves on)


We came out dressed as surgeons. And while we played the first track (dark ambient with a crazy sample) I actually even put on sterilized surgical gloves using the correct technique flawlessly. I ended up using them in the entire live act. After that followed "5th Raider - Void (Remix)", a noisecore track with a brutal bassdrum and terrific industrial sounds. I tough everybody would run, and we would be there alone... surprise! When I looked to the audience I saw more than 50 people dancing their asses out and banging their head! And many others just watching.... amazing!


Some friends from #Thunderdome having a blast.


More amazing was the diversity: hippy-styled freaks, industrial goth-heads, regular everyday-heads, you name it.... it felt great that my music could actually reach such a different spectre of audience. The crowd was crazy despite the overdriven gabber beats playing at over 180 bpm and tearing the speakers appart. Then me and KUT played tracks in an alternate way... KUT brought some hellish experimental Digital Hardcore, to which the crowd reacted very well, since it was quite danceable live. We were both dressed in a funny way and actually went inside the public to dance and mosh – that was a positive factor in promoting the good mood during the set. Everyone was having fun, even the other artists.


Evil Lurks...


The set followed for over 40 minutes (we had planned 30!) and the crowd was moving, even when I played some of my Darkcore and KUT put on some more Digital Hardcore. ZazTraz came to tell us that people wanted more! We had not planned this at all... we quickly improvised a re-run of "5th Raider - Evil Lurks" which was our favourite. But this time we played it at an even higher tempo, using some effects... total mayhem! We ended the set playing over 400 bpm with the crowd actually banging it hard. Claps and cheers were heard at the end, and I must say we were really happy and thrilled. KUT and 5th Raider played live and it worked quite well, and better than that, people enjoyed the music. As I left the stage for the upcoming artists, many people congratulated me and told me this would be for sure one of the highlights of the night. KUT was getting the same compliments too. I must thank all people who were there that night, for you made 2 underground unknown artists very happy and motivated.


Busy on the tempo...


I got some drinks, took off my surgeon costume and sit down watching the next artists... even altough I was tired of jumping and screaming during my own live act I went to dance with some of my friends that showed up to see me playing. The stairs up to the third floor had a lot of people chatting, and the Thisco merchandise stand was very active. I met people from around the world that were there, from Spanish to British, it was very nice.

When Richard Hillman started to play the floor filled again to some banging Hardcore! From Breakcore to Deathchant, plain Gabber and even some Happy, all was played and superbly mixed. Everyone was dancing till they drop, and I had a lot of fun for a whole hour. I talked to him afterwards and he is a very nice talented guy, hope he gets more known in the Hardcore scene. He is the guy taking photos in that picture above.

The video projections were awesome, during KUT vs 5th Raider some gore/terror imagery was played and during all sets all kinds of weird/psychedelic images were moving around to the music.



The last 2 artists gave a nice show with an original selection of music, but since the sound was softer and less danceable, and it was getting late, few people were dancing and most were chatting in the stairs or near the bar.

The party ended after 4 a.m. and I must say it went very well. All people were happy and most of them watched it all from the start until the end. It was great talking to many different artists with different and at the same time close perspectives on music: people who do it for what it is! See you all next time...